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Asia is not a monolithically repressive part of the world. People get high in Asia all the time and it's where cannabis originated and grows wild. China attempted to eradicate cannabis in the Maoist era and gave up because it was so abundant.

This may sound real uneducated but how could what I'm assuming is a chinese lab produce CBD if they can't legally get ahold of any cannabis to begin with (i assume)? Or is it totally synthesized?

Cannabis grows wild all over southern China. The city of Kunming in the southwest has tall females growing on every single empty lot and there are entire forests of it all throughout the entire region of the Himalayan foothills which is a vast area. It is harvested for fiber and the locals do get high.

Also, since we're on the topic of cannabis in Asia –Iran has allowed personal use of hashish throughout the modern era despite the fact that Fox News loves to tout it as being a country that represses its people in the name of its own War on Drugs. It's true they have a sick policy toward heroin users but relative to the US they actually have a much more lenient policy towards cannabis.

China is the world's largest supplier of hemp products precisely because the plant grows wild there and it does have huge buds which I have smoked and it's just as good as the Humboldt weed that my family grows. Don't believe all the China hating hype. If there is any decent product from China it is cannabis.

HempFusion’s topicals with CBD are expected to launch on Tmall soon and will include its OTC drug listed Acne Relief, Eczema Relief, and Sports Relief Creams, Pain Relief and Sports Pain Relief Balms, Pain Relief Gel and Wound Ointment, with more products expected to follow. These unique formulations include a proprietary skin nourishing and moisturizing base with Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Hemp derived omega fatty acids and CBD, as well as many other botanicals.



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Getting Started
Initially we were unfamiliar with and its purpose. After doing industry research, our analytics showed the majority of online CBD traffic was visiting This discovery helped shift our business model from DTC to B2B as we became intrigued by the potential to receive larger, wholesale orders.

Alibaba is not a one and done platform though – winning takes diligent monitoring on what keywords and products are ranking to optimize daily. You also need to stay on top of the competitive set and pricing dynamics. As such, we are constantly refreshing our product pages as well as adding new products and images.

Initially, we focused on the foundation – setting up a minimum of 100 premium products to achieve a star ranking of 3, as well as setting up our global storefront with lots of rich content.

Last we invested in the platform to achieve our marketing objectives. Everything is connected – to get more organic active visitors, you need more premium products. To achieve a star ranking of 4 or 5, you need to invest in keyword advertising and showcase display products. Paid advertising also helps bolster your organic ranking. Many test and learns later, we have finally unlocked the right balance of smart marketing as well as keyword focused campaigns.

Cb Botanica started receiving orders within weeks of joining We now have +1000 products listed and receive over 150 inquiries weekly. Without having to travel or attend trade shows, we are finding new business buyers from around the world. Alibaba truly is a 24-hour, 365 trade show. there is nothing else like it!