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Our trucks have been supporting local contractors from Gateway Community College in downtown New Haven to the movement of soil for the new construction of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge.

Bob: Construction Client

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As a woman-owned oil business since 1998. We deliver home heating oil year-round to both residential and commercial accounts, either through ‘Will-Call’ (customer calls) or Automatic (scheduled oil deliveries) accounts. You get Connecticut's best home heating oil price with A Best Buy Fuel Service.

Our off-site delivery of diesel has also been available 7 days a week, supporting various construction projects throughout the state.

Mike: Residential Client

However, it's wise to keep an eye on the market in general, as it's not always cheaper in summer, and can fluctuate. For example, in 2018 it was cheaper in winter than in spring and summer:

Besides searching online for heating oil clubs in your area, it’s also worth looking at websites that combine regional oil clubs together to increase orders even further, such as The Oil-Club.

2 Buy heating oil in summer

Even if you're happy with your current supplier, see if you can find a cheaper price – then talk to your usual supplier, as it may be able to match it.

One thing to remember about bulk buying, though, is that the more you order, the more you have to lose if it's stolen. To find out how to protect your tank against theft, see the section on heating oil tanks .

You'll need to appoint a co-ordinator to call the oil companies and negotiate a price depending on the size of the group and time of year you order. You can use local services, such as the post office, village hall, or local social media sites, to advertise for more members.