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best way to take cbd oil

Gummies and edibles are another common way of taking CBD. While the compound is slightly less efficient when being eaten as it has to pass through the stomach and be digested, these methods have the advantage of being a measured dose and are more discreet than pulling out a bottle of CBD tincture and dropping it in your mouth.

For this reason, people choose to begin CBD use with tinctures in order to find their ideal dose and then switch to a different delivery method if they so choose. By using a tincture, you can take a quarter, half, or full serving and adjust accordingly.

CBD Gummies

However, sublingual may not be the route for everyone if you need to dose frequently. If you are taking a tincture multiple times per day, you may want to consider other options since it’s rather indiscreet and can be messy if you’re not careful with the dropper.

While vaping is certainly a fast way to get CBD into your system, it is not an ideal way to take it due to the negative side effects associated with vaping/smoking and certainly not a suggested method at Palm Organix™. In fact, Palm Organix™ does not even carry or sell a Vape pen, and as you are likely aware, vaping has been negatively covered in the news lately due to its many negative health side effects.

CBD oil by itself is rather bitter, making it harder to use orally than many people would prefer because of the taste. Therefore, some companies have paired and blended CBD oil with a flavoring agent such as mint or orange to make it more pleasant to take sublingually or orally when placed under the tongue. Additionally some products are blended with olive oil or coconut oil as the carrier. So, how to take CBD Oil?

The sublingual pathway involves placing CBD under the tongue until it absorbs into the oral mucosa. This route of administration offers rapid onset and involves zero preparation. It’s fast, easy, and discreet.

• CBD Oil: Cibdol CBD oil is available in concentrations. Crafted from naturally grown EU hemp using state-of-the-art CO₂ extraction technology, this high-quality oil delivers an unadulterated dose of CBD and terpenes. CBD oil can come with varying carriers, such as olive oil, MCT oil or hemp oil.

• Liposomal CBD Oil: Liposomes are a form of nanotechnology that deliver active ingredients to their target cells and ramp up bioavailability. These small “pods” carry cannabidiol safely through the throes of the digestive tract and directly to their site of action.

What do you need to know about oral CBD?

• Meladol: This unique blend combines the soothing power of CBD with the regulatory influence of melatonin. Aimed at helping support a healthy sleep cycle.

• CBD Softgels: These capsules are one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD orally, both on the go and at home. Containing the same high-quality CBD oil from our range, these tasteless and odourless capsules are easy to incorporate into an existing supplement routine, and involve zero mess.

CBD has risen to prominence from a relatively unknown cannabinoid to one of the most popular compounds derived from the cannabis plant. A subsequent boom of innovation now offers users a multitude of ways to take cannabidiol.