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In a Twitter exchange, Janet Burns and Montel Williams respond to a user who questions the validity . [+] of a spoofed online article bearing Burns’ name.

Web pages spoofing an April Forbes article show how subjects, quotes, and the title were altered to . [+] promote an unrelated product.

On April 20th of this year, I posted an article about Montel Williams’ long and very personal effort to produce a line of medical grade cannabidiol (or CBD) oil. Entitled “For The Past 17 Years, Montel Williams Did What The FDA Won’t: He Made Weed A Medicine,” the article included an interview with the navy veteran, former TV host, and founder of LenitivLabs that I was proud to publish.

Screenshots via addresses pictured

As the Phoenix New Times reported in 2009, Isaac pleaded guilty to “a slew of [federal] charges related to his illicit company,” and later served a short prison sentence. It further came out that Isaac had applied for Social Security disability benefits in 2006, received $35,000 in benefits, and taken out a mortgage on a $2.9 million house the same year.

According to the suit, defendants including Advanceable Technology, LLC, Beauty Strong, LLC (formerly Hathor Secrets and Secrets of Isis, LLCs), Snowflake Marketing, LLC, and Isaac, to whom the companies are seemingly registered, have been “knowingly and willfully capitalizing on Plaintiffs’ valuable reputation and intellectual property to lure consumers into ordering their Infringing Products on the false premise that they have been tested, created, or recommended by Williams” despite repeated requests to cease and decist.

Because one thing that seeking legal justice requires even more than dedication and cash, it seems, is time. At present, I need to spend mine heavily on writing and researching to keep rent flowing in and articles flowing out.

CBD certainly falls under this category of advocating for healthcare alternatives, she said.

When I was a kid, I had a paper route. And so did Mr. Buffett. Bill Gates as well. So typically, the three of us will compete in this newspaper tossing competition… In his day, they didn’t use rubber bands. So we have to fold the newspapers. And then whomever gets it closest to the front porch wins.

Cannabis Takes The World Stage At The Tokyo Olympics

“We’re really committed to being true to what’s in the product; but also having someone in a brand company like Kathy Ireland as a partner gives us the ability to communicate that brand message in a way that I think will cut through the clutter and resonate with consumers who are very legitimately interested in the product but don’t know enough about it,” he added.

Finally, there is a quality component. In a CBD market landscape that feels like “the Wild West” to her, Ireland finds comfort in Vertical’s reliable products.

She then went into a captivating anecdote:

it doesn't seem to be the real forbes' site, and certainly not how the world's richest man would market a cbd oil. anyone ever heard of this brand?


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