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bluebird cbd oil reddit

Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil contains little or no CBD's. They are just selling unrefined hemp oil and passing it as CBD oil. Stay away from Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil. It tastes like industrial sludge and smells like dirty water. They are just Hemp Oil Hustlers.

Drinking water probably has trace amounts of CBD as well. But, this oil has zero relaxing effect, zero anxiety relief, zero pain relief. I got the same feedback from a friend. Real CBD, relaxes, reduces anxiety, and makes your pain subside. This looks and tastes exactly like unrefined hemp oil, not cbd rich oil. IMHO

I believe you are incorrect. As of a year ago, their oil contained Cannabidiol as advertised. Beyond that, no idea about the product.

Yeah I bought some and consider it worthless.

/u/docbaker what makes you say that bluebird products contain no "CBD's" ? Did you have them tested ?

I have general anxiety and severe social anxiety. It is very common for me to back out of plans, or for me to go out, feel miserable, leave early, and spend the rest of the night depressed.

Last night I took 3 droppers of Bluebird Botanicals 250+ Hemp Signature. I held it under my tongue for a full 2 minutes. Not a huge amount of CBD, but for the first time I felt it almost immediately.

I went out. I went out to a club for a sold out show. I stayed the entire time. I stood in the crowd the entire time. I had fun. I got a little anxious toward the end of the night, but no huge wave of panic.

The Signature blend is kind of nice. A little peppery. A little basil aftertaste. I'm not sure it's a flavor I want first thing in the morning, so today I tried 3 droppers of their Classic (I bought the 3 samples). So far, so good. I feel pretty focused and balanced.

Fingers crossed that this keeps working for me. It'd be nice to be kinda normal.

Not all products work for everyone. Some people swear by isolates, but most of them do nothing for me.

It's kind of harsh that BB only offer a no questions asked return policy for sample sizes. Because it does seem like quite small changes in the make up of a batch of oil can make it stop working for some people (or even somehow make them worse). I'm guessing that a lot of long term users are buying large amounts of CBD in one go, to save money. But that can backfire if the make up of the oil changes sufficiently for it to stop working for you.

It'd be nice if DiscoverCBD put up some potency and contaminants tests (besides mold and microbiologicals. I didn't see any and sincerely apologize if I just missed them.

I am using CBD for inflammation, mild pain, and general depression. When I was taking the Active brand it made me feel painless and generally in a better mood throughout the day, but I am not getting the same effects with Bluebird.

If you look at the lab certs for most CBD products, they only measure a few of the many cannabinoids that are found in synergistic formulas (yunno, the ones that say they have not just CBD but many other cannabinoids + terps too, instead of just pure CBD).