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burning cbd oil

The ECS is made up of three key components. There are cannabinoid receptors on the surface of the cells throughout the body. Endocannabinoids themselves are molecules that activate those receptors. Once the endocannabinoids have done their job metabolic enzymes break them down.

The downfall to this is that too much inflammation can be harmful and lead to more serious problems. Chronic inflammation and auto-immune diseases are examples of an unbalanced system. Research shows that CBD oil can be used to regulate and control inflammatory disease.

So, how exactly does CBD work?

CBD is safe to use directly on the skin in either sprays or salves as well as being safe to take in orally. Use small doses when first starting out to test how your body will react to CBD. Not enough testing has been done to know how much CBD should be used at any given time. What is known is that dependency or abuse of CBD has not been reported or present while using.

CBD and Fueling the ECS

Inflammation is the body’s natural protective reaction to an injury. Inflammation occurs because the body is trying to remove damaged tissue or germs. The skin becomes inflamed after a burn because the ECS sends fluid and immune cells to the area. The body is trying to fight off any chance of infection.

While the list of benefits sounds amazing, there are a few important considerations to note. First, there is no substantial scientific research to back up the health claims of CBD oil. Second, you cannot rely solely on CBD oil for treatment. If you struggle with anxiety or chronic pain, CBD oil will not cure these ailments. It is one tool in the toolbox and can be a great aid, but it cannot cure your symptoms on its own.

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Should you be using CBD oil?

When buying CBD, consider it the same way you would when buying food. If you generally choose foods that are high in quality, minimally processed, organic or local, you’ll want to buy your CBD oil the same way. It’s also important to look for synthetic CBD oil products, as these won’t be absorbed as well in your body and do not contain the same amount of health benefits. The same goes for purchasing a CBD isolate. Just as eating an orange provides you with a better source of vitamin C than taking a vitamin C tablet on its own, when CDB contains a few other compounds from the cannabis plant, you will gain more of the benefits. Rachelle recommends looking for something that is full spectrum for your CBD oil to be most effective.

“The risk of overdosage is not severe, although it may make you dizzy, tired or really relaxed,” says Rachelle. While it is extremely safe, you still need to be careful of its side effects.

“I do use it from time to time, but it’s not something that I swear by,” says Rachelle Robinett , a well-known herbalist and wellness practitioner in New York City. “I use it with my clients if it is the right supplement for what they need, just as I would recommend any other herb or supplement. If it is the right supplement someone needs, then great, we will use it. But not everyone needs it, and not everyone always needs it. It is just one medicine in my medicine cabinet and I don’t find it to be of a higher value than others.”