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Believe it or not, in some states with recreational cannabis, there are still doubts over whether CBD oil is legal! This is mainly down to the fact that few places have specific CBD laws or regulations.

Four years after California approved Proposition 215 in 1996, the historic first MMJ program in the modern era, Colorado followed suit. Amendment 20 legalized medical marijuana in Colorado, and the program began in June 2001.

Also, every farmer must submit their crop to official testing. It costs $150 to test a sample, along with $35 per hour. You must even pay However, if you’re caught in possession of over two ounces, you face a misdemeanor charge and possible prison time. The possession of 12+ ounces is a felony with a fine of up to $100,000 and 1-2 years in jail..25 per mile for the drive time of the inspector! Finally, crops with more than 0.3% THC are destroyed.

Is CBD Oil Permitted in Colorado?

In truth, Colorado residents have had no issues buying cannabidiol since the state passed its recreational cannabis law. Add in the legalization of hemp growing, and it becomes clear that Colorado is a ‘safe’ spot for CBD users.

Although adult-use marijuana is now permitted in Colorado, there are still laws you must adhere to. Recreational users found with between one and two ounces of cannabis receive a fine of $100. It is a petty offense that won’t go on your criminal record.

The cultivation of 7+ plants is a felony with similar penalties as the above. Growing more than 30 plants could see you spend up to six years behind bars, not to mention the $500,000 fine.

In truth, this is the case across much of America. However, a handful of states have obscure laws, especially at the local level, that complicate matters. At WayofLeaf, we continue to update our content relating to cannabis and CBD regulations.

NuLeaf Naturals has many retail partners inside Colorado, including a variety of health food stores, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, novelty stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, vitamin stores, tobacco shops, and more. Additionally, you can find NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil in Colorado locations of Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores. Sprouts stores in Colorado have carried a small range of topical CBD products, but the full spectrum CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals provides a broader range of applications for Sprouts consumers.

Colorado legalized medical marijuana in November of 2000 and then led the country alongside Washington state in legalizing marijuana for recreational use by passing Colorado Amendment 64 in November of 2012. Since Colorado got a few years’ head start on the rest of the country, it’s even more important for consumers to do their due diligence when shopping for CBD oil in Colorado.

CBD oil is federally legally so long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, as mandated by the 2018 Farm Bill. It may not be legal at a state, county, or local level. Check your local laws and regulations before buying CBD oil.

Buying Local

Residents of The Centennial State love to shop local, so when buying CBD oil in Colorado, be sure to choose manufacturers that are:

NuLeaf Naturals is sold by retailers all along I-25, as well as select locations throughout the front range. Plus, NuLeaf Naturals has a track record of high-quality products and stellar customer satisfaction. We currently ship to all fifty states and more than forty countries. Click here to find your nearest location, or shop CBD oil online.

Many jokes have occurred over Denver’s nickname as the Mile High City but the results people are seeing from using CBD oil in Colorado are nothing to laugh about. Cannabidiol (CBD) differs from its marijuana counterpart in that CBD does not result in any kind of “high,” as it is non-intoxicating. This can be confusing at first since both substances are naturally derived from the same plant, cannabis sativa.

This guide may not be up to date on the current legislation at the state or local level. We recommend you do your research to understand the legalities surrounding CBD oil where you live.

To begin with, they use only the best possible ingredients to formulate their broad-spectrum CBD oil, which strikes a balance between giving consumers the benefits of the “entourage effect” while avoiding the potential risks of THC.

Penguin’s CBD oil comes in four different potencies and five refreshing flavors, so you can find the just the right combination to fit your needs and tastes.

Individuals who are concerned about the use of CO2 or hydrocarbon solvents in the extraction processes will be glad to know that 4 Corners Cannabis uses a sugarcane extraction method. In addition to their unique extraction process, 4 Corners Cannabis sets itself apart through its exceptionally allergy-conscious practices.

NuLeaf Naturals likes to keep things simple. This Colorado-based company grows their own organic hemp and they offer a CBD oil with just two ingredients. Their CBD oil has a strong hemp flavor, with nothing to cover up the natural earthy taste of cannabis. Even its product bottles are more functional than pretty.

Where can I buy CBD oil?