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can doctors prescribe cbd oil

Wayfare falls into this category, although we do often work with patients’ own doctors, and there are some cannabis clinics who refer to us to provide extra support for patients. We are now also providing a telehealth option as well.

If your doctor is knowledgeable and willing, count yourself lucky. That said, they are unlikely to have time to educate you on all of the ins-and-outs of medical cannabis, or help you decide which licensed producer to register with. Nor are they likely to have staff at their clinic who can help.

Over the past few years a number of specialized cannabis clinics have opened up. These are typically staffed by doctors who work there on a part-time basis. These doctors may come from specialties including psychiatry, surgery, and anesthesiology. This means that some patients may see a heart surgeon for their arthritis! But really, bless these doctors for making time to learn about cannabis and help people.

Cannabis clinics

The educational portion of your visit, where you select a licensed producer and product, is quite often handled by a lay person who may have the title of “cannabis educator”, “canna counsellor”, or “patient educator”. These people rarely have medical training, although they may be knowledgable about particular strains, the pricing programs of the various producers, and how to use a vaporizer.

[By the way, Wayfare works with quite a few doctors who are prescribing cannabis but count on us to provide educational support to their patients. We can even help prepare documents you can take to your doctor.]

You can think of this service as a mobile clinic. The nurse will come to your home, provide education, take a medical history and connect with a doctor or Nurse Practitioner to obtain the authorization. She will also help you select an appropriate product and develop a detailed treatment plan and dosing schedule. She will then help register you with a licensed producer so you can order products by phone or on-line, and will follow up with you semi-weekly while you work toward your goal.

Some doctors may have a single licensed producer that they have a relationship with. They will forward your prescription to that producer, who will then call you to help you choose a product. It’s convenient for the doctor, but it doesn’t leave the patient with any choice of producer. This is unfortunate because no single producer can meet the diversity of needs that patients have.

Hi Jill, thanks for sharing this with us, sorry to hear about the difficulty you are facing. It is quite challenging being in your situation. My best advise is to keep your GP informed and always ask if they can write to the hospital to update them of your progress, that can usually speed up the process for you (it has for my patients, insisting works!). Yes CBD oil would be very safe and suitable to try with your medications. However, I suspect we may need to also use a little bit of THC if the CBD oil alone is not producing satisfactory results. Hope this helps.

This is not an ideal situation for you but if you are desperate to try cannabis oil then changing to a GP who you know beforehand is open minded about it may be a sensible solution.

Unfortunately, this is a question we get asked too often. You may find that your doctor or specialist has a strong stance against CBD oil in general. If you have done the above steps, there is not much you can do. But you still have options.


That is a very good question and there are many reasons why that is.

For example, while traditional medications are dosed in very specific milligram doses, CBD oil has a very large dosing window. Some people can take as little as 5-10mg while others are taking 200mg or more!

Hi there, I’m looking at asking my gp for cbd oil as I have a high functioning asd,pdas,adhd,odd and extreme anxiety 10 year old.that hasnt attended school in 8 months and I’m now running out of options.What is the likelihood in this happening. I am living in Hamilton and am so scared that our gp will say he is to young.

Our prices start at $99 sand there is no need to pay for double appointments when you can get it all done under one roof.

Hi Tina, thanks for the question. It is likely that you are being prescribed CBD only. Some products may have a little THC but not much. You really need a low dose THC product alongside the CBD. The only available one at the moment is Sativex, which can cost $900 – $1000 for 3 months supply. We are able to apply special approval for you through our clinic. More THC products will be available in the next 1-2 months also. Bottom line, continue the CBD but you really need to add in THC. Hope this helps!

Any suggestions? I also have concerns about (unfair) drug testing in the workplace as I mainly work in construction.

Hi Waseem Im adverse to prescrit pain releaf, I have a bone on bone painful, pending opp presently nil
priority due to Chemo therapy. I had an opp to try a dropper of full spectrum Hemp extract, to my surprise it diminished my pain for approx 7 hours. The product was purchased off shore, I wud like to have access in NZ…i will try thru my GP initially but its heartening to know u are there.

Is CBD Oil Legal in NZ? Is Medicinal Weed Legal in NZ? Can I Import It?

I’ve had 8 back operations with extensive rods, bolts ended up chronic pain syndrome, and while I was at work in 2018, slipped on a ramp fell landed on my bottom and have damage organs,nerve damage and chronic pain in bottom area as more move etc or try sit pressure I fly off the radar, they did excessive test found now not broken coccyx but damaged and hurt the joint in-between. Started physio but as I said pain in coccyx area over above chronic pain that it stops me sleeping, eating etc.

No, hemp oil also known as hemp seed oil does not require a prescription in NZ. Hemp oil is not medicinal at all and is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is good as a dietary supplement for healthy fats or as a salad dressing and you can purchase it from your local supermarket.

Hi Jared, thanks for the question. I understand that your GP is reluctant. But the good news is that we can help. We have many people using it for the reasons you have mentioned, each in their unique way. There are no specific criteria you need to meet, we are all open minded professionals looking to help people like you. With CBD oil, there are no concerns about drug testing as it does not get picked up. Even if you needed more than CBD oil, we always write letters of support for employers and can advocate on your behalf. Hope this helps!

We employ open minded and experienced doctors who can help you through such a decision. We also are able to help you navigate your choices when it comes to products available in the market as we know what is available. With this knowledge, we also try help you save money to bring the costs of the products down.