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canine cbd oil canada

20mg CBD per 1mL dose and is more suitable for large to extra large animals like German Shepherds, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers. Our 1000mg oil contains

resolveCBD Pets Oil is available in 3 different flavours to appeal to all animals. Add the desired amount to your pet’s food once or twice a day as needed. Consult our dosage chart above if you aren’t sure of how much to administer CBD oil to your pet, or live chat with us if you have any questions.

6.7mg CBD per 1mL dose and is more suitable for small to medium animals such as Corgis, Dachsunds, Chihuahuas, and smaller house cats. Our 600mg oil contains

Benefits of CBD oil for pets

Refer to this CBD dosage chart for pets for suggested dosing for your dog, cat, or other pet but always consult with your vet for professional guidance.

We formulated our CBD Oil for dogs and cats specifically with our pets in mind. We use natural, pet-grade organic ingredients with a broad spectrum, hemp extract. As a result, pets have no trouble consuming our CBD hemp oil for dogs and cats with his or her favourite food or treats.


Full Ingredients:

CBD oil for dogs contain the same therapeutic properties as their human equivalent. However, they have been specially formulated to be safe and effective for dogs. But, what if you have a feline as a pet? Some products work for cats, as well.

These CBD products also come in flavours that make them desirable to your pet. Here are a few we particularly like:

Best CBD Oil for Dogs in Canada

There are many similarities between dog and human CBD products. However, they differ in a couple fundamental ways. Firstly, they come in lower concentrations to make it easier to measure doses for our furry friends. And secondly, they come in flavours that make them more palatable to pooches/felines. Pet CBD flavours like bacon, chicken, liver, and tuna can be easily found online.

They are transparent about the source of their CBD, and they manufacture/package everything in Canada. They also offer a 150mg version for smaller dogs and cats.

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