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cannabis oil price

The main draw towards CBD products stems from the compound's many potential health benefits. People buy CBD products to help with inflammation and pain, anxiety and stress, and sleep quality. This is not a full list, but it does encompass some of the most common reasons people turn to CBD. Additionally, CBD oil rarely produces any negative side effects, which can be best avoided by proper dosage and administration. 

This THC-free CBD oil tincture from Medterra provides 100 mg of CBD in each 1 ml serving.

CBD oil price comparison

The notoriety of CBD, or cannabidiol, has grown tremendously over the last couple years, and so has the availability of CBD oils (and their prices). Many people who are getting into CBD start by asking the question: "How much does CBD oil cost?" But with so much variation in the industry, determining which products are truly worth the cost can be a challenge.

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So if you're in the market for an all-natural plant extract with a lot of hype around its benefits, CBD oil may be worth the splurge. And you can still shop for high-quality products without breaking the bank.

The concentrations of CBD or THC must also be managed well to ensure consistency and easy calculation of dosages. Black market products are not likely to be consistent.

Talking with your doctor may reveal that you have been prescribed CBD oil at 100mg/ml. Each bottle contains 30mls. While the product and dosage might change, the calculation remains the same.

How CBD Oil’s ratio of THC and CBD determines the price

The bottles will list the ratio, such as:

The potency of a bottle can significantly impact the cost, even though it is the same size as a smaller bottle with more CBD. Here’s a guide to the various types of CBD and what you can expect to pay.

A product with a higher concentration of mg cannabinoids per millilitre of oil will have more medication. A product must be labelled with the amount of mg of cannabis oil per mL to meet TGA standards.