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REBOOT AND RECHARGE FOR 2021 Lose weight, start meditating, go running, get healthy – just some of the resolutions we start the year with! I’m sure like us you cannot wait to see the back of 2020, however as we enter 2021, we do have more of an idea ON what to expect. Our health [. ]

5 tips for working What it looks like to be a working mum is changing drastically. It’s fair to say that life has become more difficult for everyone. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed everything, and we have all had to adjust to new ways of living and working. There are some perks to working from home [. ]

Reboot and Recharge

Your CBD questions answered Over the past couple of years, CBD products have exploded in popularity and access with a range of products across the spectrum from food to make-up. Whilst the number of people using CBD has grown, many consumers remain wary of the product, unclear as to what it is, how it works, [. ]

How hapi hemp began “Cannabis CBD oil transformed the lives of two mums – now they sell it!” “Enterprising Mums Dubbed ‘Drug Dealers’ By Their Children After Launching CBD Oil Business.” Just some of the headlines that have been in the press this year about our journey into the world of CBD business and hapi [. ]

CBD? Superfoods? Adaptogens? What do these all mean and how can they all help? One of the things we love most about CBD is its ability to work in so many different ways. It’s what’s known as a pleiotropic – something which produces lots of different effects through many molecular pathways, activating or binding to [. ]

If you’re unsure of whether to use a product, the assurance of reading about a person like yourself who has struggled with the same issues and found comfort in CBD can be assuring.

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5. History of CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis that can be utilized for various health issues, including pain and inflammation.

While people are becoming more accepting of the usage of cannabidiol in pain relief, there is still a certain stigma involved in the word ‘cannabis’ and its use.

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