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The best CBD oils are full-spectrum products because they take advantage of the medicinal value of these terpenes, as well as cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBG, and more.

1. Bisabolol — sedative effects

Separation anxiety is the most common cause of anxiety in dogs, especially if you usually spend a lot of time with your dog.

Overall, these pet oils are well worth the money and offer safe and reliable support for managing your dog’s anxiety, promoting a feeling of calmness and relaxation, and reducing the chances of panic attacks in the future.

3. Has a third-party lab tested the oil? Is there proof the oil is contaminant-free?

1. Is the manufacturer reputable? What do past customers say about the brand?

CBD Oil & Anxiety: How it Works

Ramon Ramirez was at the South by Southwest conference, chilling under the black tents of the Fader Fort, when a vendor handed him a small complimentary dose of CBD oil drops for pets. This was 2019, CBD’s breakout year, as the upstart hemp sector swarmed every trade show and music festival in North America. “There were CBD dinner parties and CBD cocktails at dumb brand activations,” remembers Ramirez, who lives in Austin, Texas, and works in the media. A few weeks after the show, Ramirez was on a trip with his dog Penny, who can get anxious on her bad days. He needed to leave her in a room for four hours or more. A few drops of CBD certainly couldn’t hurt.

And so, in December 2018, Weatherhead founded ZenPup, which advertises itself as a source for authenticated, ethically sourced CBD for pet owners across America. Every tincture, topical, or treat they sell comes with a Certificate of Analysis from the marijuana lab-testing firm Confident Cannabis, verifying that the product possesses no pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and perhaps most importantly, an infinitesimally tiny THC makeup.

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“Over the last year or so we’ve seen the stigma of cannabis, both THC and CBD, flip. There’s been a lot of media showcasing all of the healing possibilities of cannabis,” says Weatherhead. “And considering that it’s been in the human sector for a while, it’s given people the education that this is a really good, safe alternative. And there are proof points that it actually works.”

The ZenPup storefront reflects this highly Instagrammable wellness ethos. The homepage features an image of a white puppy kissing a scruffy millennial man with a beanie pulled just above his ears, the picture of pet and owner health and joy. Their biscuits are made with a blend of honey, peanut butter, and pork, alongside a 5-milligram dose of CBD and a “calming botanical blend” (chamomile, ginger, and valerian root). Pet owners might be concerned about the chicken bones, chocolate, and macadamia nuts that their dog could accidentally scarf down. But Weatherhead believes that CBD isn’t much of a worry for anyone anymore.

Ramon Ramirez is indifferent to the science because he is not necessarily a CBD believer. That’s not the point. Ramirez recalls how two of his elderly cats passed away in the past year and the way he dosed them up with CBD down the stretch. He believed that it helped with their pain, no matter how true it was.