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Any person seeking to misuse a controlled substance would be able to do so more economically and more easily by seeking out illicit substances – so we believe that there is little motivation to misuse CBD products.

Convenient Love Hemp CBD Oil Spray Lemon: an easy-to-take and tasty CBD spray for those who don’t like taking tablets or oil.

CBD is an antioxidant, it helps to reduce free radicals in the body and the damage that they can cause to skin cells

Is CBD safe to use?

Are you looking to delve into the world of CBD and see what it can do for you? Well you’ve come to the right place! We sell an array of CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD Balms and so much more – and you can trust that it’s of the high quality you would expect of Holland & Barrett. Have a browse of our CBD supplements below and see which one is best for you.

CBD can soothe the skin, especially when used as a CBD Balm

The World Health Organisation’s 2018 Critical Review Report on CBD stated that to that date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with its use.

Yes, we wouldn’t sell something that is likely to cause you harm. The World Health Organisation’s 2018 Critical Review Report on CBD states that CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. All of our products are below the maximum dose recommended by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) in 2020.

Great tasting and odourless oil and capsules, Pureis liquid formulations are designed with exceptional taste in mind.

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NO toxins and pollutants,
NO traces of THC,
NO other cannabinoids,
NO terpenes,
NO heavy metals,
NO pesticides,
NO insecticides.

Suitable for vegans

Our clinical trials included months of clinical assessments, testing and examinations in a clinical setting. The results confirmed our Pureis products are safe in accordance with food law.

What is important to you is important to us, this is why we have our R&D development team obsessively review every single precious ingredient to ensure it qualifies as a vegan-friendly material.

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Our formulations aids with CBD absorption. CBD is extensively broken down and processed for excretion by the liver this is known as first pass metabolism.

Whatever the reason you want to consume CBD food supplements, start with small doses and gradually increase until the desired effect is obtained. Overdose of CBD is not a priori dangerous and does not provide addiction. Like any other natural substance, however, abusing it is neither useful nor recommended.

Hemp seeds, also called hempseed, are oilseeds. This means that they are high in fat and therefore they are perfectly suited for oil extraction. They allow the creation of CBD food supplements. The latter are rich in taste (close to hazelnut) and in properties, they are nonetheless very calorific. So do not abuse their use. We must also distinguish hemp oil, obtained by pressing seeds, CBD oil, obtained by distillation of the plants. The two generally combine in food supplements to take advantage of their additional benefits.

The omega 3 and omega 6 naturally present in CBD food supplements have many benefits, especially in the reduction of cardiovascular disease. They also help lower blood pressure, which also directly influences the risk of cardiovascular accidents. They finally regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. Hemp seeds just like CBD oil are rich in omega and therefore allow to benefit from their effects on the organism.

Precautions for using CBD as a dietary supplement

CBD is also used to make vitamin supplements. They allow you to enjoy Benefits of CBD as well as nutritive and antioxidant potential vitamins. Liposomal vitamins in CBD are for example a mixture of pure organic cannabidiol, vitamins, minerals and fruit flavors in a liposomal suspension. The liposomes are vesicles – small bags – of fat that help the penetration of vitamins in the body. Their effect is then faster and more pronounced. There are also specific associations, for example vitamin C and CBD. Vitamin C is then encapsulated in liposomes which facilitate and accelerate its effects. (See as well : CBD for acne)

Like any other plant, it is important to know theorigin of production cannabidiol before consumption. The primary purpose of food supplements is to be beneficial for the body. Plants grown according to a organic fashion et without pesticides are therefore preferable. The extraction mode also plays a role in quality. It can be done naturally or on the contrary include chemicals which could leave residues in the final product.

CBD is increasingly studied for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects. By acting directly on the SEC, CBD food supplements allow to draw the anticipated benefits. By only using the cannabinoid molecule, they also ensure THC-free products, respecting European law. Cannabidiol thus makes possible the relaxed state lent to cannabis without suffering from its psychoactive effects. It should be remembered on this occasion that only plants whose THC level is less than 0,2% can be used to make cannabis products.

CBD dietary supplements also contain complete proteins. They contain all eight amino acids essential for balanced diet. From a nutritional point of view, hemp seeds, often associated with cannabidiol, are similar in this sense to quinoa. They are finally naturally rich in ffood ibres insoluble which aid digestion.