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cbd hemp magnesium oil spray

CBD belongs to a group of more than 120 compounds found in the cannabis plant. A general term for these compounds is Cannabinoids. Based on its potential, CBD has been included in this blend. According to a 2017 article published in the journal Pain Physicians, cannabis-based therapies effectively curing pain for neuropathic pain patients.

Made of magnesium chloride and CBD compounds, this proprietary formula is transdermal magnesium and location-specific so that it can target pain at the source instead of oral magnesium. CBD + Magnesium oil delivers effective relief for chronic pain.

Effective pain relief

CBD-HEMP Magnesium Oil delivers great therapeutic value. If you have been suffering from pain and inflammation in any part of your body, then it could be just what you need to get long-term relief.

This makes it the cleanest and safest CBD product available in the market, delivering maximum potential impact on pain.

A property of myKore Essentials, researchers spent long hours working tirelessly to develop the perfect blend of dealing with chronic pain. The CBD + Magnesium oil is available in a bottled, convenient, and effective spray. Here are its main features:

CBD-Hemp Magnesium Oil offers a way to deal with pain in nearly any part of the body with any cause, including:

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How CBD-Hemp Magnesium Oil Helps

Typically, purchasing the CBD-Hemp Magnesium Oil will cost $69.95, which will provide the user with a 30-day supply of the supplement. However, during the launch, the creators have dropped the cost by 30% to $49.99 instead.

CBD-Hemp Magnesium Oil is a topical remedy by myKore Essentials that eliminates pain effortlessly with just a few ingredients. With the recent launch, the CBD oil spray is presently offered at a discount from the typical retail value.

The only CBD used in this formula is from an organic source, and the creators preserve the purity and potency with CO2 supercritical extraction. The website doesn’t delve deeply into magnesium in the oil, but it has been linked to hundreds of different processes.

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Formulated for topical use, myKore Essentials’ concentrated CBD/HEMP Magnesium mineral spray begins rapid absorption immediately upon contact with skin. This ensures you receive maximum health benefits that:

Our pure magnesium oil is made with USP grade ingredients sourced directly from the Dead Sea. Our proprietary blend of USP Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, Cannabidiol (Full Sprectrum Hemp Extract), Acmella and Distilled Water is uniquely formulated to provide rapid relief upon application.