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cbd hemp oil lyme disease

Deer ticks also carry other bacteria, which can cause coinfections with Lyme. The Medical Leadership Board at reports that about 50% of people who get Lyme disease also have a coinfection. People who are infected with coinfections tend to also have a more severe illness with a longer recovery time.

In order to understand how CBD may help with Lyme disease and PTLDS, we must first look into what CBD does in the body. CBD works primarily through stimulating the endocannabinoid system.

Complications of Lyme Disease

Although there are treatment approaches for Lyme disease, some people continue to have Lyme symptoms after treatment, referred to as PTLD, for which there are no approved treatments.

It helps with pain through the endocannabinoid which, when stimulated, decreases both inflammation as well as pain perception — two main factors of joint pain.

Given that there are not any recommended treatments for PTLDS, people are left to fend for themselves to alleviate their symptoms. Could CBD be the answer for helping people with PTLDS?

We highly encourage complete transparency with your physicians. Tell them which hemp products you want to incorporate into your wellness regime.

However, until a full cure is found, preventive measures can be highly effective in alleviating symptoms. Some of the most common and sensible actions you can take to reduce your own risk of Lyme disease include:

Spending more time examining your person and gear will pay off in the long run. So, make it a habit to do a thorough search.

About the Bay Area Lyme Foundation

Although these bacteria replicate slowly, it’s one of the few able to survive without the trace mineral iron. Instead, it depends upon manganese for survival (which opens the possibility of starving this bacteria by eliminating manganese).

To this end, and based upon the anecdotal experiences of our clients, we are strong believers in the ability of hemp to amplify, augment, and enhance any treatment plans recommended by your medical team.

Can Hemp Oil help Lyme disease? Many have asked the question, in light of testimonials touting its efficacy in alleviating symptoms. So, we set out to provide answers and separate fact from fiction. And, we also supported Bay Area Lyme Foundation for those suffering from the disease. Our hope is that, with regular use, those with Lyme disease might experience relief from debilitating symptoms.

At Synchronicity™, our focus extends beyond producing the highest quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil tincture and CBD products. We celebrate wellness in its many forms and partner with organizations with similar interests.

CBD can also help you sleep. It increases the availability of serotonin which has soothing, anti-anxiety effects. It also helps lower inflammation which promotes sounder sleep. CBD can act as an alternative natural method to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, helping you get the rest you need. Sleep is so crucial to a healthy mind and body

Friends and family would remind me not to forget cream and aspirin wherever I would go because they knew how much agony I would be in otherwise. My head was always foggy, even with a healthy diet and exercise. I experienced constant muscle tightness and spasms.

After initial antibiotic treatment, symptoms persisted. I was then misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and again handed pharmaceuticals. Diagnosed with Lyme once again by a specialist, I was given more pharmaceuticals. After rounds of antibiotics and enduring their never-ending list of side effects, I decided to stop using them.

Finally, a diagnosis

As time went on, I had constant “growing” pains in my arms and legs. My mom and grandma would rub me down with menthol pain-relieving cream almost every night. I would wake up crying from the pain, wanting to go to the hospital. The thought of Lyme disease never occurred to us. This went on for YEARS!

CBD possesses an antibacterial effect, can reduce headache and nausea, strengthens the immune system, decreases pain caused by peripheral neuropathy, provides anticonvulsant properties and controls nerve episodes, anxiety, and depression. These are many symptoms exhibited by those suffering from Lyme disease. It is best to discuss a CBD regimen with your healthcare provider to determine the best method of treatment.

As a young, adventurous girl, I loved exploring the outdoors and its beauty. I grew up on Long Island, where the threat of ticks is high and playing in the woods did not reduce my chances of being infected. Around the age of seven, I was bitten by a tick and developed a fever of 104 degrees.

At that point, I had had enough! During my freshman year of college, I explained my symptoms to my doctor. Still the same height since early high school, I could no longer blame my symptoms on growing pains. Finally, tests showed that I had Lyme disease.