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Yes we can. If your doctor has prescribed you a medicinal cannabis product, we can help! Furthermore, you will be eligible for a free specialist phone consultation to help answer any questions you may have and help you as you start your journey. After this appointment, you can email us at any time with any questions or updates about how you are getting on.

Medicinal cannabis can help you if your symptoms are not improving using conventional medications or you are experiencing side effects of the treatment. It can also help you if you prefer to use plant based medicines over pharmaceutical medications.

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3. Medication delivered


After you are prescribed a medicinal cannabis product, you can request and purchase your prescribed product. Your medication will then be delivered to your door. If you prefer, we can send your script to your local pharmacy.

We are strong believers that CBD oil and medicinal cannabis can help improve your health and wellbeing by reducing the symptoms of your condition(s).

Yes you can, as long as you do not feel impaired. CBD oil will not affect how you think. When we use THC products, we ensure it is done in as low dose as possible to provide you the benefits without any side effects.

There are several companies where you can buy buy cbd oil in NZ, these are: Medleaf Therapeutics, Tilray, Nubu Pharmaceuticals, Eqalis & Endoca. Products contain between 10mg / ml of CBD and 150mg/ mL of CBD, and prices start at $100 per bottle. There are currently no NZ-made CBD oils available at present.

The best method of using CBD cream is to apply it directly to the painful area, do it multiple times during the day, and actively massage it in when doing so.

Can I get CBD gummies?

Yes, but hemp gummies are likely to only contain hemp (seed) oil and not any CBD! So it is best practice to consume CBD gummies only, as you know you are getting CBD oil as opposed to hemp seed oil which can be purchased from the supermarket.

For those that do have hidden CBD oil, then it is unfortunately illegal, and in some cases, more expensive than legal prescription CBD products. There is also no quality regulation to ensure the safety of the product you or your loved one is using.

If you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil in NZ and would like to learn more about the CBD products available and their cost, please visit the Dispensary , accept our terms & conditions, and register with us. Although there are a range of CBD products available, it is important you choose the right one for you and at the right price. If you have any questions about your options of CBD products, please contact us .