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Have you ever wondered whether CBD oil can help cure acne? Wonder no more, here is everything you need to know about CBD oil for acne. Therapeutic CBD Balm really helped clear my skin of acne. The results came just a few days after the first use ob the balm.

Can CBD Oil Help Cure Acne?

CBD oil for acne is one of the most discussed topics. CBD oil is everywhere now, from seeing it on shelves on the high street to your favourite influencers giving it glowing reviews online, it might seem like it’s a miracle cure for all types of ailments. Now, that just isn’t true, but when used in skincare products people have noticed truly incredible results.

That’s led to lots of us wanting to know if CBD oil can help with our acne, but does it actually work? Let’s find out!

But first, let’s quickly cover the basics about CBD oil:

  1. CBD oil is legal. You can buy CBD oil freely on the high street and online.
  2. CBD oil will not get you high. There are no psychoactive properties in any of our products.
  3. CBD oil and marijuana are not the same things.
  4. CBD oil does not affect everyone in the same way. Your mileage may vary.

Can CBD oil really help with your acne?

Acne comes in all sizes and severity, it can even make its way from your face to your back, but the culprit of any of these breakouts is sebum. Thankfully CBD can help adjust the sebum levels in our bodies to reduce acne. It’s also great as an anti-inflammatory, so you can reduce the swelling that’s normally associated with acne.

Unless you’ve been suffering from acne for a while, or if you’re studying medicine, you’ve probably never heard of sebum. It’s an oily substance that our bodies naturally produce to keep our skin moisturised and protected, but when we produce too much it becomes a problem – a spotty problem.

All this extra oily skin mixes with dead skin cells to form a pore-clogging mixture which, you guessed it, causes acne. Board-certified dermatologist Michele Green thinks CBD can help. “ CBD oil is beneficial to these conditions due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It reduces sebum production and is also antimicrobial, so it works great for acne-prone skin.”

Lots of scientists and researchers have been investigating the benefits of CBD when it comes to acne, and they’ve discovered some pretty interesting results . One amazing group of scientists looked into whether or not CBD can actually prevent our bodies from creating too much sebum. Aaaand you guessed it – it can! CBD affects our sebocytes which are the cells that actually create the sebum.

But their discoveries didn’t end there. They also found that CBD prevents inflammatory cytokines from activating. Confused? Cytokines are responsible for swelling linked with acne and causing breakouts, so stopping these from activating is a big deal.

Bacteria plays a big part in prolonging acne breakouts. Dirty skin is never a good thing when it comes to skincare. A study in 2016 took a detailed look at the antibacterial and antifungal properties of cannabis and how it can reduce skin infections. These studies are ongoing and ever-evolving, so there are no concrete results just yet, and more tests on humans are needed.

What you need to know about CBD oil?

One of the biggest reasons that people try CBD is that it’s a natural alternative to some acne treatments that can use really harsh and invasive chemicals. It’s been great at:

  • Reducing nasty inflammation
  • Healing skin and calming breakouts
  • Regulating oil production
  • Reducing excess sebum production
  • Soothing redness

All of these are useful for those of us that suffer from acne. But how exactly?

How does CBD oil help acne?

So what do we know so far? CBD oil can reduce inflammation and it also works as an antioxidant – great. And most importantly it can control sebum production. Let’s take a deep dive into the topic.

1. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties

Anti-inflammatory means that it reduces swelling, something that’s so common when it comes to acne. Say goodbye to irritation, pain, and redness by soothing your skin with CBD oil. It’s even a great option for those of us with sensitive skin as it’s also really gentle to use.

2. Controls sebum/oil production

“The most exciting finding of CBD oil is that it’s sebostatic,” says Wexler Dermatology’s Kenneth Howe . While that mightn’t mean much to most people reading this, it’s a very big deal. It stops your skin from producing too much oil. CBD stops lipogenic actions and regulates how much sebum is produced.

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He also believes that cannabinoids are active in our skin and can signal for specific activities to occur or not occur.

3. Acts as an antioxidant

CBD is jam-packed with antioxidants that protect our skin from the environment around us, things like pollution and free radicals can wreak havoc so it’s always a good idea to block these out. It even has the potential to improve skin tone too!

4. Manages breakouts

Breakouts are one of the worst parts of acne, while CBD oil can’t get rid of them completely, it can help manage these nasty outbreaks and make them milder by working on the root cause of acne – excess oil production.

But don’t take our word for it. Rachel Nazarian from the Schweiger Dermatology Group says, “Because it works as both an anti-inflammatory and can decrease oil production, it has the ability to multitask as an acne product. It may be considered a gentler option and a safe option for many different skin types.”

How to use CBD for acne?

CBD oil’s popularity has exploded in recent years, and rightly so. You can find CBD oil in so many different types of products, but for us acne sufferers it’s best if we take it topically (put it directly onto our skin).

Rachel has more advice on this too. “The evidence supporting the use of CBD in treating acne is purely topical at this point. The use of CBD was tested topically on skin cells and has shown promise. Oral supplementation or smoking of CBD formulations has not been evaluated in this manner and can not be recommended.”

Just like pretty much everything else that we buy, some are better than others and some CBD oils can actually contain ingredients that can irritate your skin. So be smart and always buy from a trustworthy source.

Don’t just go out and buy CBD oil and put it on your face, you’ll need to buy it mixed with a carrier oil to make it more effective and pocket friendly. Some of the best carrier oils are:

CBD products infused with CBD oil slip seamlessly into your skincare routine, just swap out your old facial oil, serum or moisturisers for ones with CBD and you’re good to go.

Our Poko Luxury Facial Oil is one of those products that once you use it you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t buy it sooner.

How long does CBD oil take to work?

The therapeutic effects of CBD are instantly noticeable and it usually takes a few weeks to see any noticeable changes on your skin, this is pretty much the case for most treatments. Once it starts to kick in, you’ll have fewer outbreaks and will start to notice an improvement in your skin.

Before you jump right in, it’s a smart idea to patch test any new skincare product just to make 100% sure that you won’t react badly to it. The last thing we want to do is irritate our skin even more.

But can it work with body acne?

Acne isn’t just restricted to faces, it’s also really common for people to have it on their chest, back, shoulders and butt. Even though it’s on a different part of the body, it’s caused by the exact same reasons, so all the treatments we’ve mentioned here will work as well.

Are there any side effects?

There are side effects with every treatment, and while CBD is gentle and safe to use, it’s always good to be extra cautious when using a new product.

Industry experts have noticed some side effects when people take way more CBD oil than is required. People have noticed fatigue, changes in appetite and diarrhoea when they’ve taken too much orally.

If you take your CBD oil topically through a cream or moisturiser you can forget about side effects as there have been no reported side effects whatsoever. But always remember to keep an eye on the ingredients in CBD products and make sure that you aren’t allergic to anything.

Not all CBD oils are created equal, and you take a risk when you buy from a shop with a bad reputation, so do your homework on who you’re buying from, check out their reviews and look for their third-party laboratory tests.

For a sure-fire, guaranteed gold-standard product look for the award winners. Our champion products have been specially designed to suit all skin types and treat a whole host of issues.

Best CBD skincare products for acne

Soothing Serum

The Poko Soothing Serum is a gentle, lightweight formula that sinks into the skin almost immediately, leaving no residue. It smells incredibly fresh and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth without making your skin feel heavy like some other serums do.

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The Soothing Serum is packed full of healthy ingredients your skin will love, like enriching vitamins, nourishing minerals, soothing CBD, and protein. It also contains other natural ingredients like root and flower extracts that help fight spot-causing bacteria, calm stressed-out skin, and has the potential to improve the appearance of acne scars.

It leaves skin gently moisturised, which prevents excess oil production, which can lead to acne. Only a tiny amount needs to be used at a time, so each bottle lasts a long time.

If you want glowing, healthy skin and fewer breakouts, treat yourself to a bottle of Poko Soothing Serum.

Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser

Poko Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser is a powerful product infused with CBD and aloe vera juice. It’s a delicious smelling moisturiser that keeps skin healthy and hydrated.

Made for combination and oily skin, the Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser helps calm skin while locking in moisture at the same time. The collagen in the moisturiser plumps up skin and fights signs of ageing, while the CBD prevents excess sebum from being produced. It is ideal for mature skin that still has breakouts.

So not only does the Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser help improve the appearance of ageing, but it also helps soothe and stop acne breakouts.

Luxury Facial Oil

If excess oil can cause acne, then why would we recommend adding even more oil to your skin? But you miss out on all the potential benefits by avoiding facial oil altogether.

While you may think adding more oil to your face is the last thing your skin needs, you are missing out on all the potential benefits by avoiding facial oil.

If you have oily skin, you probably wash it often to get rid of the oil on your face. But this can cause your skin to produce more sebum. Overwashing even causes the loss of moisture which in turn causes, you guessed it, more oil. And if you leave it untreated it can make your spots really painful.

A facial oil keeps your skin hydrated at all times. Poko’s Luxury Facial Oil is perfect for acne-prone skin as it contains skin-clearing ingredients like moringa oil, oleic acid, and CBD.

Moringa oil is such a good source of Vitamin E and other natural ingredients. The Vitamin E in the facial oil helps reduce acne scars, and the oleic acid gives your skin a natural moisture barrier. This works as a barrier to keep you protected from acne-causing free radicals. Combine all this with the CBD infused in the oil it helps soothe stressed skin and prevent the overproduction of sebum.

The oil smells fantastic and will last you a long time as a little goes a long way. Revitalise your skin and protect it with this decadent oil.


You are beautiful as you are, acne and all, but you don’t have to put up with the unpleasant symptoms and blow to your self-esteem caused by acne.

We’ve covered a lot in this article, and while there’s a lot more research needed there’s evidence that shows CBD can help reduce the production of sebum and reduce swelling. With a CBD skincare product in your bathroom, you’ll soon be rid of your acne. Try it for yourself and see why so many people love Poko CBD skin care products.

If you’ve enjoyed our blog and want to know more about acne, read our main blog on: What is Acne?

Interview – CBD oil cleared my skin of acne

A few days ago we received a message on Facebook with a photo attached. It was sent by Anna, a young woman who has been struggling unsuccessfully with a severe form of acne for the past two years. She agreed to do a short interview. Read more about her experience in the interview below.

Interview – CBD oil cleared my skin of acne

Ana, when did you first encounter acne?

I started noticing breakouts after I stopped taking birth control pills. My skin became really bad, especially on my cheeks and chin. I had some problems with acne in puberty but it was never so acute as now.

How did you deal with acne at first?

I first started searching for natural methods and “recipes” online. But the problem was that there were so many different tips and routines for fighting acne that I no longer knew what to believe, what to try, and what would really work for me.

At the same time, I started working on improving my diet. Through reading various sources it became clear to me that the skin reflects internal imbalances. So I first changed my eating habits by avoiding meat, milk and dairy products, white sugar, and canned and fried foods. Now I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, carbohydrates and nuts.

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Have you been to see a dermatologist for your acne problems?

I haven’t been to see a specialist about my acne problems because I was convinced that prescription medication would harm my skin even more. I wanted to fight my acne naturally. However, in winter my skin became so bad that it started to seriously affect my confidence, so I decided to visit my family doctor. Several blood tests showed that my body was in great condition and that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Did the doctor prescribe you any special treatments – if so, what?

The doctor prescribed two different acne creams. One was an antibiotic cream, the other was based on Adapelene.

How did your skin react to the treatment? Was it effective, and did you notice any side effects?

As I thought, neither of the creams the doctor prescribed worked for me. In fact, it was the opposite – my acne became worse and my skin became very dry, it was literally peeling off my face. The doctor suggested another medicine but I decided to bring an end to that chapter and again started looking for natural solutions.

Did you find a natural solution that worked?

I tried so many different approaches that I can’t even remember them all. Among others, I tried to treat my skin with tea tree essential oil, clay masks, black soap, calendula ointment, lemon juice. None of them really worked.

Where did you first find out about CBD therapy for acne?

I was introduced to the healing powers of CBD oil at the natural cosmetics fair in Ljubljana. I picked up a brochure about CBD oil for different skin problems and some samples of CBD ointments. I started using the Therapeutic CBD balm that same night, however, the amount in the sample bag was probably too little to produce concrete results. But I did notice a slight improvement in my skin so I started to browse your website in order to find the best CBD product for my acne problems. Due to the relatively high prices of the products I hesitated about placing orders for quite some time. Then my boyfriend convinced me to order two products: Balancing face cream and 5% CBD oil.

How did your skin respond to the treatment with CBD oil?

The first signifcant difference was that the side effects of the medication I had previously been taking gradually disappeared. My skin started to look and feel healthier soon after I started using the new products. Then I started to notice my acne was slowly disappearing.

Have you noticed any side effects?
How long have you been using Balancing face cream combined with CBD oil and what are the results?

I’ve been using the products for two months now. After cleansing my skin I massage 2 pumps of the Balancing face cream into the clean, dry skin on my face and neck. Before going to bed, I put 1-2 CBD oil drops under my tongue. In that time my skin has become cleaner and healthier. The results aren’t perfect yet, but I feel I’m on the right track.

Products Ana was using:

Concentrated CBD treatment balm tackles the toughest symptoms of atopic skin, alleviates skin reactions and soothes eczema flare-ups. Reach for it when skin needs fast-acting help for inflamed, reddened and itchy conditions. It provides intense relief and unique nourishing care. Ingredients:High concentration of CBD extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E and minerals – the building blocks of healthy skin. Calendula, shea and mango butter soothe and nurture.

A soothing moisturiser with skin-balancing actives formulated to leave oily and blemish-prone skin calm and comfortable. Improves the condition of oily, combination and problem-prone skin by minimising the appearance of blackheads and breakouts. Ingredients:CBD reduces excess sebum production and has a balancing and calming effect on the skin. Hemp seed oil, bursting with omegas 3 & 6, which soothe and reduce redness. Hemp hydrolate hydrates and reduces the appearance of large pores for smoother looking skin. Chlorella is rich in beta-carotene and zinc, it minimises visibility of redness.

A boost of the purest CBD extract for your body & mind. CO2 extraction method. Full Spectrum.

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