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cbd oil atomizer

In a very general sense, atomizers are the part of a vape pen that generate the heat needed to create vapor. Within the context of cannabis culture, we’re talking specifically about a weed atomizer.

From a technical perspective, there’s no real difference between a regular atomizer and a weed atomizer. But on a more specific level, Not surprisingly, a weed atomizer is defined by the obvious fact that it’s used to vaporize some form of cannabis product, as opposed to a more generic e-liquid. For that reason, you can think about atomizers for weed as components designed to function as a THC atomizer—that is, a weed atomizer will create vapor containing THC. That’s why a weed atomizer will help get you high, whereas an atomizer in a regular vape pen, using e-liquid without THC, won’t.

I just want a quick hit tonight, so I’m going to grab a disposable atomizer .

What is an atomizer?

The heating element in a vape pen that converts the cannabis e-liquid into the vapor that you inhale. The term “atomizer” may also be a broad reference to the unit that contains the heating e-coils and wick. There are different types of atomizers that vary in their levels of effectiveness, and that have different sets of pros and cons. Drip tip atomizers require making frequent drops of e-liquid (about 3 drops for every 3 puffs) which gives them a reputation of being thorough yet high maintenance.

My drip tip atomizer takes up a lot of my time, but it’s all worth it.

THC cartridges and weed vape pens are becoming increasingly popular. These devices use potent cannabis concentrates instead of e-liquid to deliver powerful highs. Sometimes referred to as a hash oil atomizer, the technology used in these products function the same as any other atomizer: it heats the cannabis oil in the cartridge to the point of vaporization.

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