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cbd oil australia reddit

I'm really keen to try CBD oil for depression/anxiety, but I'm having some trouble finding a source in Australia.

Does anyone know of a reputable local source, or does anyone have experience importing it from overseas and getting it through customs?

I'm not necessarily concerned about obtaining it legally, particularly if I can't find any legal sources. Because laws which restrict the accessibility of therapeutic substances (CBD, psylocibin etc) are bullshit. But I'd like some feedback from someone with experience before I go down that route.

Just wondering has any been able to buy it in Sydney or online and what their experience was like?

It's prescription only so you need a prescription.

I was told by some guy at the beach that you can buy it for pets/animals. (he bought it to help his dog with suffering).

Says they only ship to Canada and USA?

Never had an issue.

I just had a Telehealth session with a doctor to get prescribed (but still waiting for approval and prescription). I have PTSD and anxiety, and the doc said that it wouldn't get approved for the PTSD but would for anxiety. This seems kind of ironic because a lot of the anxiety comes from the trauma, but whatever.

It sounds like people are having trouble with some pharmacies not being able to get the oil that's been prescribed, so I'd recommend going to a doctor that has a pharmacy they work with. That way you won't have to wait as long.

You might find some helpful info at r/MedicalCannabisAus

So i know its legal in VIC but is it only prescribed in severe cases or can i just tell my doctor i want to try it for my anxiety.

The other criteria for government approval is that other medications have to have been tried first, and this is a kind of last resort scenario. I have issues with other medications so there was no problems there.