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Buy CBD oil and other high quality CBD products online. CBD Alchemy is the most reliable supplier of hemp products in Europe. Buy CBD and ayurvedic products online from our CBD store in Spain. Our products will bring you healthy treatment options for a more balanced lifestyle.

Since 1997 the best quality of CBD directly at your doorstep.

The best strains available, straight from our farmers.


Our delicacies will help you relax in your busiest days.


Everything you need to take care of your body.

Our bestsellers

10% CBD Oil – Full Spectrum – Hemp Seeds

25% CBD Oil – Full Spectrum – MCT


Gelato – Greenhouse


We thrive to provide you with the highest quality products. Our farmers and chemists are hard at work to ensure you get the best possible products.

100% Legal

All CBD derivatives are legal in Europe as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC. Our products are tested by third-party laboratories to make sure of it.

Fast shipping

When you order with us you can be sure to get your package delivered promptly. We send them the same day if ordered before noon , the next day otherwise.

First-class service

If you have questions regarding our products or the use of CBD products in general, our team is happily here for you.

We’re direct producers, working with Cannabis since 1997.

We only grow selected genetics, offering you the best possible quality in all products we make.

We know every feature, every secret and exactly what CBD can offer you. With unchanged passion.

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Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety

Those suffering from anxiety know how overwhelming it can be and how it impacts all aspects of their lives. Several conventional medications are ineffective, have harmful side effects, or have

What is CBD?

Cannabis sativa produces cannabidiol (CBD) in its glandular hairs. CBD is one of the hundreds of components in Cannabis Sativa L. In itself, CBD does not produce a high. At

Cannabis, THC & CBD, what’s what?

When we see a marijuana bud, it is difficult (if not almost impossible) to identify whether it is CBD or THC. In fact, both acronyms refer to the most well-known

CBD Oil Barcelona

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Natural nutrition

Te brindamos opciones de tratamientos saludables para que disfrutes de un estilo de vida más saludable

One therapy – multiple benefits

Natural nutrition

Te brindamos opciones de tratamientos saludables para que disfrutes de un estilo de vida más saludable

One therapy – multiple benefits

Una terapia, múltiples beneficios. El camino recorrido para llegar hasta aquí es fruto de un minucioso cuidado del mejor CBD – el elemento central natural en Ancient Therapy – para traerte opciones de tratamientos sanos para que disfrutes de un estilo de vida más equilibrado.

Los más vendidos
¿Qué es el CBD?

Está en boca de todos, pero ¿sabe realmente qué es y por qué tantos agregan CBD a su rutina diaria de cuidado personal?
Estamos al tanto de las últimas investigaciones y noticias: lea nuestro blog para obtener más información.

Opiniones de los usuarios

“I’ve had some mood-swings the last couple of months due to work-related stress. As an entrepreneur my days are sometimes pretty crazy so I’ve started using Ancient Therapys CBD-oil, the 25 %, in order for me to manage the stress and I can honestly claim that it helps me do that. I feel more calm and somewhat balanced. “

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“3 weeks ago I started using Ancient Therapys full spectrum CBD-oil and I really feel that my sleep is much more deep and consistent. In turn I think it enhances my mood during the day. If you have problems with waking up during the night you should really try this! “


“Between having three kids, my job and my passion for yoga and exercise I’ve been on the search for something to relieve my stress and anxiety. I heard about Ancient Therapy CBD-oil through a friend of mine who had tested different CBD-oils before. She spoke highly about Ancient Therapy oils specifically and I gave it a try. Thank God I did, I feel much more calm and balanced in my approach to life itself. It’s part of my everyday routine now.”


“I had not heard about CBD oil before so I was a bit hesitant at first when my friend suggested it. Now I have the 10% full spectrum oil as a part of my daily routine. I dont necessarily feel anything when I take it, but later I notice that my approach on stressful situations is much more calm and thoughtful. A bit more centered and “zen” you could say.”

Arta: “The CBD + melatonin oil you sent me was amazing, I slept all night for the first time in months! Also, my headaches went away from the first day on. Thank you so much!!”