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Founded by Tiffany Reynolds, Soul and Wellness opened as a medical marijuana card service and education business in 2016, expanding to a CBD line. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Soul and Wellness today offers a vast array of CBD products in addition to appointments for people who seek a medical marijuana card in Illinois. Reynolds took her Masters degree in Psychology and her experience at one of the top medical marijuana agencies in Chicago to form her unique "hollistic" health approach in her line Soul and Wellness. Her CBD products range from edibles to tinctures, hemp flower, concentrates, vapes, and even Momma Verde apothecary bath salts with 50 milligrams of CBD. Reynolds has fought for racial equality in cannabis for years, saying on Instagram: "On our journey towards legalization, we must make it our priority to fight for those incarcerated, killed or criminalized for using a medicine that we should all benefit from."

Undefined Beauty prides itself on its nontoxic and cruelty-free sourcing. The company is on a mission to infuse social purpose into all of its work in the CBD space. Consumers are in love with its lineup of CBD products that include a CBD lip treatment, a firming serum called Glow Gelee, Glow Bars, and even a Detox bath soak with a charged crystal in three varieties: Unwind, Unplug, and Undo. Its founder and beauty industry heavyweight Dorian Morris told Allure: "I’m not going to shrink back and be this delicate flower, I’m going to go for what I want. And if you tell me ‘no’ I’m going to force you to explain why because sometimes, nos are yeses in other ways.” Morris is a champion for justice in health and beauty, as products from this company avoid harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil and petroleum, among a longer list.


If you are searching for Black excellence in CBD and hemp, your cup floweth over.

Consumers hold power. The power to decide where your money goes is one small piece of our impact on the world. Cannabis justice is racial justice. It is necessary to back up your buying behavior and social media statements with both action and accountability. It is also important for all entrepreneurs to continue the momentum of this movement and to share Black stories outside of the Black Lives Matter civil rights uprising, including year-round.

Kimberly K. Dillon, founder of Frigg.

Kush and Cute’s mission is to provide products that educate and encourage women of all ages to use cannabis in their daily skincare and self care routines. We aim to help de-stigmatize the plant and hope to be part of increasing diversity and inclusivity in the ever growing industry. Love this! They carry CBD infused skin and body care products.

Another sister owned and founded company! “ We are women who are proven leaders in business, wellness, beauty and philanthropy, and have each built our reputations in our respective fields through an unwavering commitment to the advancement of disenfranchised and underrepresented communities. The combination of our professional expertise and personal backgrounds makes us deeply committed to the quality of our products and to the inclusivity within the overall industry.” So inspiring! Brown Girl Jane sells daily drops, a facial serum, intimate oil, and body butter.

How to Use CBD

I’ve shared an intro guide to cannabis but realized I’ve never shared a post dedicated to CBD. CBD is a great option for people who want the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, without the psychoactive effects. Especially right now, it’s an amazing tool to help manage stress and anxiety. Of course, it’s not a bandaid and I still advocate for approaching stress and anxiety through a lot of different means (therapy, journaling, sleep etc…) but it really has so many benefits that it’s worth exploring. Today I wanted to round-up some amazing Black-owned CBD brands for you to enjoy.

There are more than 100 different compounds within the cannabis plant which are known as cannabinoids. One of those cannabinoids is cannabidiol (aka CBD). CBD is associated with the therapeutic effects of the plant without the high – pain management, anxiety reduction, improved sleep, decreased inflammation. Again, CBD is not psychoactive, it will not get you high.

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