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"Certain Phyto-Extracts can play a role in activating the endocannabinoid system through CB2 Receptors."

At CB1 Botanicals, we have complete control over our entire supply chain. Plants are bred and nurtured specifically to produce high terpene and phytochemical concentrations. Every process is monitored within a regulated environment for quality control and consistency of batch, in order to produce high yielding, full-spectrum CBD oil.

The Endocannabanoid System

CB1 Botanicals is an Irish company pioneering research and development with certified organic, high-concentrate phytocannabinoids and bioactives. We dedicated three years to developing our first high-grade CBD oil, ION.

CB1 Botanicals are EU funded through an Innovation Partnership to carry out research and development with phytochemical extracts. Our mission is to advance the understanding of naturally derived plant compounds and pinpoint the important role they play in improving a range of medical conditions and certain diseases.

ION.CBD oil maintains all the pure and natural compounds that full plant spectrum has to offer. It ticks all the boxes for organic certification; from seed to soil, nurture, harvest, processing and manufacturing.

CBD oils are made by dissolving CBD extract in a carrier oil, which then makes the CBD oil more readily absorbed by the body. This is called bioavailability. Some of the most popular methods of using CBD are simply taking your personal dosage of hemp CBD oil drops sublingually or adding CBD oil to foods or smoothies.

CBD consumer education is critical to the growth and development of a healthy CBD economy. Accurate information enables consumers to find products that suit them best and to sift through the ocean of products that now flood the market. That’s why the team at Kats Botanicals is committed to providing you with information on the latest research and helping you understand our products.

Hemp-derived CBD was declared legal under the Farm Bill in 2018. However, marijuana-derived CBD is not legal on the federal level yet. The hemp-derived CBD is classified in the cannabis family of hemp plants as having 0.3% THC or less. Anything above this is classified in the cannabis family of marijuana plants.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

By dissolving the extract, the unwanted compounds can be removed from the mixture. After this, the CBD is solidified before it goes through a final phase. In this final phase, the extract is boiled, and vacuum technology is used to remove other unwanted by-products. The end result is a pure, solvent-free form of CBD that provides clients with full-spectrum benefits and no harmful additives or side effects.

CBD can improve the lives of people all over the nation and boost the well-being of individuals and communities. We want CBD to be accessible to everyone, and that starts with answering our customer’s questions and providing comprehensive and education support.

Though our CBD oil for sale offers high-potency ingredients that deliver fast results, it still only contains less than 0.3% THC. This means that our product is well within the legal limits according to current federal CBD laws.

CBD is currently the focus of many research endeavors. Scientists across the globe are meeting to discuss new studies, brainstorm new research directions, and explore future medical applications of CBD. The first drug for seizures using CBD as a primary component was approved in 2018.

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