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cbd oil cartridges wholesale

For customers using CBD oil products for fast-acting general wellness support, vaping is an excellent choice. Vaping offers a high level of bioavailable CBD. Bioavailability is determined by looking at how much CBD is available in the body after natural filtration processes occur.

Vaping CBD is an easy, quick way for consumers to enjoy the many benefits of CBD usage. Vape products have become increasingly popular as the CBD industry continues to grow. Unlike ingesting CBD oil or edibles, vaping allows the cannabidiols to enter the bloodstream much more quickly.

Quality Counts

With vaping, it’s important to be using the best CBD oil. The lungs have fewer biological processes to filter out contaminants than the digestive system. Fewer filters mean CBD can more easily enter the bloodstream, but so can other harmful ingredients. Joy Organics uses only recognizable and reputable ingredients along with uniformly processed hemp oil.

With same-day free shipping by USPS, Joy Organics products will arrive on your doorstep before you know it. If a customer returns one of our products we’ll replace it for free.

We start with hemp grown here in the United States. It then heads to our Colorado-based processing and manufacturing facility. We extract and distill the oil, removing any traces of THC. The finished result is a premium CBD oil tested in-house and with a third-party lab to ensure top quality.

Elite Exhale as a company focuses on hemp-based CBD (Cannabidiol) distillate products created for the vaping consumer. Our proprietary blends using both hemp-based CBD full spectrum distillate produced in the United States and strain specific terpenes also produced in the United States makes us unique in the marketplace. Terpenes are the volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oil of plants that contain not only the flavor profile, but also adjuvant medicinal properties. Terpenes are important to Elite Exhale because they differentiate its product from all others on the market. In addition, our products are made from ingredients that have no pesticides or herbicides and are sourced in the United States under strict quality controls.

MSRP: $59.95

Wholesale Price Structure
1-200 $33/unit
201-500 $32/unit
501-1000 $30/unit
1000 or more $28/unit

Custom Design and Engineering

“Built for Oils of All Viscosity levels”

iKrusher is the largest custom (OEM and ODM) vaporizer manufacturer in the United States. With offices and support spanning across every major U.S. territory, paired with international manufacturing facilities our team supports over 1,500+ brands and manufactures millions of units each year. We currently supply a major portion of the industry with high quality, custom hardware solutions.

Dual-Use Concentrate and Dry Herb E-Rig

Our disposables include longer battery life and unique flow systems, so it feels like a disposable you want to keep. Our disposable vape devices excel in higher taste consistency.

“Powerful, Draw & Button Activated Pod Systems.”

By setting excellence as the standard, we continue to develop consistent, integrity-driven vaporizer technology. Powered by our iKonic ceramic technology, iKrusher provides clients with consistency, performance-driven hardware, and technology for a multi-viscosity experience.

“Reliable, Sleek Vape Pens… the Best Disposables”