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CBD Stores Chesapeake VA Alex and crew were exceptional , made me feel like I was apart of the family ! They helped me with my goals and showed me the areas of improvement , I’m confident next Buy CBD oil online or at a Green Roads CBD distributor in Chesapeake, VA. CBD oil is one of the most effective methods for taking CBD daily.

CBD Stores Chesapeake VA

Alex and crew were exceptional , made me feel like I was apart of the family ! They helped me with my goals and showed me the areas of improvement , I’m confident next time I visit and step on the scale I’ll beat the goals and expectations set for myself. Shout out to the five star fam . – Adam Jacques

Love, love this store! It’s clean and has a great atmosphere about it! Thanks to Mason Batchelor, I am on my way to becoming healthier! Love his knowledge about the products and his willingness to answer lots of questions. If you need a go-to place to get your vitamins and other health products- visit their store! – raquel batchelor

The customer service was nothing short of excellent. The only thing better than the customer service was the results I’ve seen after taking the advice they’ve given and the supplements I’ve bought as well. I can never see myself buying supplements from somewhere else. I’d recommend everyone buys from this store! – Jake Konija

Bountifuel Utopia – CBD & Hemp Boutique

Address: 5762 Chesapeake Blvd Suite 200, Norfolk, VA 23513

Phone: (757) 937-3677


This local business is amazing! This was the first time I ever had anyone ask me why I consume CBD, and what effect/goal was I trying to achieve. They truly care about their clients and only sell the best products and are very very knowledgeable as to what products are a best fit for you and what you are trying to achiev. I felt at home like we had been old friends who were catching up….well, more like family! I can’t wait to go back – Ka Cee

This shop is the best in town. Always takes care of me and my fur babies. I have a bullie and she’s older. She has hip dysplasia and had a hard time walking, got her some cbd treats and 2 weeks later her limp wasn’t as noticeable, 2-3 weeks after that she was running again . I have a mass on my thigh that sometimes comes with some irritating pain, auntie gave me some salve and with routine use the annoying pain is gone. Good people and good vibes. – Krystal Walter

The best spot in the Hampton Roads area. Excellent customer service. You won’t be disappointed and you might learn something. – Marvell Dudley


Address: 3501 Holland Rd #109, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (571) 215-1938


I purchased from CBD Livity multiple times. Always timely and quick delivery with everything I ordered. Their 1000mg all purpose lotion/oil is my favorite product and lasts forever. I bought a large one for my mothers arthritis and its very helpful. It’s been a year and we still have some left. – Baris Safoglu

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Absolutely love the CBD Salve!! Whenever I’m having shoulder and neck pain it takes it away I’m just a few minutes. I got a massage at Method Wellness with the salve and now I will be buying the salve and getting the massages on a regular basis!! Thank you for your wonderful products – Hannah E

I love hemp spectrum. I am a fan of many of their products & they have a great selection. I am in monthly to buy my fur baby’s cbd tincture, love the cbd salves, edibles products, bath bombs and more. I highly recommend this shop! Informative & friendly staff make it overall great! – Kelly Krauss

Tobacco & Vape (Ferrell Pkwy)

Address: 5072 Ferrell Pkwy ste 104, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Phone: (757) 524-5227


Purchased a pen Friday, didn’t work. Brought it back Monday, swapped out no problem. Also got some good info on other products. Will return. – Michael Segarra

Hemp House Wellness: A CBD Boutique

Address: 328 N Great Neck Rd STE 106, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone: (757) 756-4411


Great store, super nice guy, and great products. What more do you need? I went in not knowing anything about CBD. The guy working told me everything I needed to know, and sold me several different products. Everything he sold me has been great…better than I even hoped or expected. I WILL be back. – Dave Ross

This is hands down the most well put together CBD store I’ve been to. The staff cares about you and takes time to learn about your specific needs and educate on what’s best for YOU. Everything I’ve purchased has been high quality and yet to let me down. Can’t wait to go back! – Sydney Parker

The staff is always so kind and knowledgeable on the products. I love this place so much and I’m thankful for it. I suffer from migraines and nausea, and the products here have changed my life. I always look forward to stopping by, and I highly recommend that you do too! . – Maddie D

Pursue Wellness with Quality CBD Oils in Chesapeake, VA

Looking for a better way to pursue wellness? Shop CBD oil in Chesapeake, VA! Unlike other hemp extracts, Green Roads CBD oils and drops are pharmacist-formulated, lab-tested, and available in both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum. Find the right option for your daily wellness routine today.

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More Information

Where to Find the Best CBD Oil Shop in Chesapeake, VA

Hemp-based products are more accessible than ever before! From Broad Spectrum to Full Spectrum CBD oil, you can find a variety of strengths and flavors of CBD oil in Chesapeake, VA. With such an assortment of CBD oils near you, how do you know which one is best for your wellness needs? Trust Green Roads for high-quality CBD that’s led the market for years — every one of our products is created by an in-house team of pharmacists and tested by an independent lab to help you find the healthiest version of yourself. Green Roads CBD oil comes from American-grown hemp and is combined with high-quality carrier oils like hemp seed oil and MCT to help give you the best combination of wellness benefits and flavor. texture, taste, and absorption than the typical two-ingredient alternatives. Whether you’re looking for a mildly-concentrated and flavored CBD oil to start you on your journey toward greater wellbeing, or you want our highest concentration of CBD for maximum management of day-to-day stress, you can find the correct CBD drops for you in Chesapeake, VA.

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Why Buy CBD Oil in Chesapeake, VA

Just as everybody is different, every person’s experience with CBD drops and oils is unique. You can learn how our products have supported customers on their path to well-being by exploring Green Roads’ overwhelmingly positive testimonials online. From promoting a sense of relaxation during the workweek to helping individuals maintain a sense of physical and mental well-being, Green Roads CBD oils are designed with the highest standards to guide you in finding your healthiest self. Enter your ZIP or City into our locator to find the closest CBD shop in Chesapeake, VA, and see how it can help you upgrade your daily wellness routine!

What Kind of CBD Oil Should I Buy?

Are you thinking about working cannabinoids into your typical self-care practices? Green Roads offers a wide array of products for both CBD novices and cannabinoid connoisseurs, making it simple to find the perfect CBD oil for you in Chesapeake, VA! If you’re just trying things out, you can start with low to medium strength CBD drops in delicious flavors like sweet mint and fruity apply kiwi for a fresh and accessible experience. If you want our strongest CBD oil, you can also find our mighty-strength tincture in Chesapeake.

No matter which high-quality hemp product you pick, you can purchase with confidence knowing that each batch is sourced from USA-grown hemp, is manufactured in our own American facility where we can be sure of the quality and has less than 0.3% THC. This allows you to enjoy the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids without any intoxicating effects. Every Green Roads product is also scrutinized by a lab for its potency and purity. Scan the QR code on the bottle of your CBD oil to see what’s inside. We only sell products that meet the standards of our founder, a pharmacist for more than 20 years.

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How Do Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD Compare?

Green Roads is proud to offer full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils in Chesapeake. You might wonder, what is the difference between the two? Full spectrum CBD is made with the entire range of cannabinoids, along with other beneficial compounds like terpenes, that are found in the hemp plant. Also, full spectrum CBD includes 0.3% THC. This is not enough THC to get you high, but it is enough to provide benefits. Full spectrum CBD oils are perfect if you’re wanting to maximize the potential wellness benefits of CBD.

We also offer broad spectrum CBD oil in Chesapeake. Broad spectrum CBD includes the same beneficial compounds that are included in full spectrum: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. That said, the THC in broad spectrum CBD oil is reduced to non-detectable levels. Broad spectrum CBD oils are great for those looking to harness the wellness benefits of CBD, minus the THC. If you’re looking for zero THC, it’s best to choose a CBD isolate product.

Shop CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats in Chesapeake, Too

Support your furry friend’s wellness with CBD oil. Daily life in Chesapeake is so much better thanks to their wet little nose and companionship! Our hemp-derived CBD oil for pets in Chesapeake is made with beneficial cannabinoid extracts and MCT oil to support well-being and calmness for your dog or cat. Green Roads CBD oil for pets can provide everyday support for your furry friend or offer a little extra help during a thunderstorm, a trip to the vet, or even for symptoms of aging. Find your nearest retailer in Chesapeake that sells Green Roads CBD oil for pets and give your furry friend a source for more support and calmness.

Buy the Purest CBD Oil Near You in Chesapeake, VA

Green Roads CBD oil is federally legal in the United States and extracted from American-grown industrial hemp. Almost any American can buy our hemp-infused oils, drops, and more online or at a store in Chesapeake. (But please confirm your state’s specific laws before purchasing CBD.) You can bring home the power of plants today! Whether you’re searching for a lower-strength CBD oil to help promote a healthy sleep schedule or stronger CBD drops to encourage you as you pursue your physical and mental goals, the constructive benefits of gold standard hemp oil are right around the corner. Find Green Roads CBD oil online or at a CBD shop in Chesapeake today!

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found naturally in hemp plants. More interesting than that is how CBD may support a sense of peace and wellness in human beings.

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