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cbd oil chocolate bar

If you do a quick google search, you’ll find millions of results for CBD chocolate. When buying any CBD product, it’s important to look for a reputable vendor that uses high-quality ingredients and top-notch manufacturing processes.

No, CBD products do not generate a “high”. They do not contain the psychotropic chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC.

Where can I buy CBD chocolate online?

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Fun Fact: Grön means ‘green’ in Swedish and is pronounced ‘grew-n’. The name is a tribute to Grön’s founding chocolatier’s love of both Scandinavia and Oregon, and the simple, beautiful rewards of living green.

When company founder Kat Merryfield’s husband and military veteran started showing signs of stress related to combat, they decided to experiment with incorporating CBD into their natural products. Since the creation of Kat’s Naturals, the company has been working to help veterans and their families.

Why Do People Take CBD?

Why Buy Green Roads Products?

People use CBD to support their overall well-being in many ways. Some may need help with really specific issues. Others are supporting their overall well-being. Honestly, we learn a ton about how and why people use CBD from our customers.

CBD Chocolate Bar – 180mg

Does CBD promote relaxation?

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), also known as oxitriptan, is a naturally occurring amino acid. It’s a common ingredient in many relaxation products including Green Roads CBD Relax Capsules.

Why is Green Roads CBD oil better than other CBD oils on the market?

If the CBD product is broad-spectrum, it will have only non-detectable levels of THC (meaning the amount is so small it doesn’t show up on a lab report). If the product is isolate, there will be no THC. If the product is full-spectrum, it will have less than 0.3% THC, the federally legal limit for industrial hemp plants.

We are so proud of our beloved CBD chocolate bar! We’ve chosen to add extra terpenes to activate & accentuate the healing powers of quality CBD Oil (FSO & THC Free CBD).

Our chocolates include a specifically chosen terpene profile believed to support pain relief, stress reduction, relaxation & a joyful mood. What are terpenes? Terpenes are aromatic oils produced that give different varieties of cannabis their distinctive smells and flavors. Some terpenes may promote relaxation & stress-relief, while others may promote acuity & focus.


The differences in terpene profile can be subtle and still add great depth to the CBD chocolate experience. The presence of terpenes may add therapeutic value and enhance other compounds such as CBG, CBD & THC in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Understanding what terpenes are and that they have unlimited potential synergistic effects, will only deepen your appreciation of our chocolate.

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What do your brain, chocolate and cannabis all have in common? They all naturally contain cannabinoids! The cannabinoid in your brain is called Anandamide, also known as “the bliss chemical.” Cacao also contains Anandamide and Anandamide Inhibitors. These inhibitors boost and potentiate the effects of other cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, creating a lock and key effect. In order to get the most anandamide from chocolate, go for the raw dark chocolate, rather than processed milk chocolate. Our raw chocolate contains no refined sugar and is a delicious source of chocolate’s beneficial compounds. We really take the bliss chemical to the next level by combining chocolate and CBD for our 80mg and 20mg CBD chocolate bars. Simply put, when you ingest chocolate and CBD from the cannabis plant, the effects of both substances are made stronger and last longer. Enjoy!