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CBD Direct Sales Companies offer a great way to earn income. That’s why people are capitalizing on the opportunity to earn money. THE FIRST DIRECT SALES AND NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES TO OFFER CANNABIS PRODUCTS. Through The Hemp Network and then Kannaway™, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first company to sell As recently reported, the global CBD oil and CBD consumer health market size are expected to reach USD 123.2 billion by 2027, expanding at a growth rate of

7 CBD Direct Sales Companies (Start Anyone Right Now)

Undoubtedly, CBD Direct Sales Companies offer a great way to earn income. In recent years, CBD Oil has become a hot commodity. That’s why people are capitalizing on the opportunity to earn money with CBD Direct Sales Companies.

Ideally, this business method eliminates the hardship of building your own company from scratch. So CBD Direct Sales Companies make it so much easier for you to start a business. All over the world, CBD is getting a buzz. And independent sales associates are helping to make that possible.

In case you are looking to get into the CBD business, this post shares some great companies that you can consider. The point, in fact, Can The Best Direct Sales Businesses Survive today? Seemingly, even the best ones are struggling with what is happening in today’s world.

Over recent years, the marketing of CBD oil and its products have seen an uptick. Just looking at Google Trends is a clear indication of that. No wonder people are gravitating towards the opportunity.

Several companies have come on stream. Because CBD oil sales have been growing, these companies may just offer the help you need to earn an income. Significantly in 2018, the CBD direct sales companies hit more than $300 million in the sales of CBD oil and related products.

Being an independent associate, you can purchase the products and resell them at a markup price. Or you can recruit other people to join the business. Usually, the company gives you access to an exact copy of their website.

7 CBD Direct Sales Companies (Start Anyone Right Now)

Chiefly, these companies focus on helping people to improve their health and wellness. Forthwith, they make health and beauty products. Needless to say, our beloved pets are in on the products too. Joining a company actually means that you intend to promote the company and its products.

Recruiting other people to join the company is certainly a key factor. Depending on how many people you recruit and how well you make sales, you earn commissions.

Similarly, buying wholesale and reselling at a markup price provide the opportunity to earn a profit. By the way, the companies below are not in any specific order.

1. CannaBliss Farmacy

Specifically, this company offers products such as:

  • Topical
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Soft gels
  • Bath products
  • Beard care
  • Pet care

Do you have a store and want to sell CBD oil and related products?

Here is what Cannabliss Farmacy has to offer:

“The CannaBliss Columbia Hemp Oil Wholesale & Zero THC CBD Product Reseller program is designed to allow retail business and independent entrepreneurs to capitalize on the rapidly growing Full Spectrum Hemp Extract market by offering the CannaBliss line of premium, pharmaceutical grade Full Spectrum Hemp Extract products.”

Steps to Join the Reseller Program

  • Apply to partner with the reseller opportunity
  • Get a special promo code only for you
  • Shop and apply the promo code at checkout.

Quite noticeable is that “reseller orders must be a minimum of $500.”

2. Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) CBD Oil Company

Primarily, CTFO produces organic hemp oil products grown in the U.S.A. To ensure high product quality, the company uses the services of a 3rd party laboratory. They do their own packaging as well.

Would you like to join this company? It is actually, free to join the CBD oil business with this company. Products include CBD drops, sprays, and capsules. Also, skin and hair care products. So if you have an interest in this opportunity, you can do so without any obligation.

From the sales on your replicated website, you can earn 20%. Take a look at the compensation plan and see all that this company offers. Again, if you are doing wholesale, you’ll sell products at a markup price to reap the financial benefits. Keep in mind that you can also earn from team building.

3. Kannaway

Notably, this company is the first to offer CBD products using the direct sales business model. From 2014 the company has been marketing “hemp-based” products.

Its parent company is Medical Marijuana Inc. which is a big deal. Furthermore, Kannaway has been collecting quite a few awards from global businesses. Read the stories here.

Among the top 100 MLM companies in 2020, Kannaway ranks at #33. Although the company has its base in California, its products and business opportunity are popular in many European countries.

Signing up with the company as a brand ambassador comes at a cost of $54.98 per year. Remember that you have to be at least 18 years old to join. Likewise, paying the Annual Brand Ambassador fee to remain an active member.

Buy For Yourself And Resell

Becoming a brand ambassador gives you the opportunity to buy and resell the company’s products. In addition, the company allows you to have a replicated website.

Therefore, customers can purchase various products like:

  • Pure CBD oil topical
  • CBD oil Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Skincare products infused with CBD oil
  • Essential oils
  • Hemp oil for pets
  • Super Greens
  • Power Protein

Reading more of the compensation plan can give you a great idea of how you can earn an income with this company. Undoubtedly, Kannaway is present in many countries. Especially in Latin America where direct sales are very strong. Albeit, the potential is great.

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4. CBD BioCare

Again, this is another company based in the United States. Key point is that they focus on using organic hemp. Similar to other CBD oil companies, their products are mainly for wellness, pain relief, skincare, and pet care.

Including among the product line are full-spectrum CBD oils, CBD liquid capsules, and gummies. Plus products for skincare and pets. Spreading the word about these products can work out as an income earner. Generally, sales reps can earn up to 40% commissions. Looking at the commission structure gives a clearer picture.

Accordingly, you can join free of cost or pay up to $349. Typically, the free option does not give much access to the real business opportunity. Except for the website’s dashboard as usual. Nonetheless, it may be hard to earn money with the free option.

Paying $349 gives much more as anyone would expect. Immediately after you pay, you’ll get a landing page. Right away, you can log on as a sales representative, load your picture, and complete your profile page. Thereafter, you’ll have more access to the platform, even coupons to give away to customers.

Partnering with the company, you can also purchase wholesale products for resale. Take a look at the wholesale information here where you can look closely at the wholesale price list.

5. HB Naturals

Coming out of Kentucky, HB Naturals ensure that all of their CBD products are organic and non-GMO. Setting itself apart from other CBD companies, they offer “Love Boxes.” Some of these boxes have a variety of their best-sellers or family essentials.

Available also are “Love Boxes” for the heart, the liver, and overall wellness. Different from these love boxes, there are CBD infused products for weight loss, personal care, and pet care. Just naming a few.

Does this sound like a company you would join? Signing up for a free member account is available. Following that, you have access to a “free ShopHBN.com/username website.”

Granted that you make sales from this website, you can earn 50% commissions on all the orders from your customers. This, however, is just one of several earning options. Viewing more options may just give you a boost to join immediately.

6. My Daily Choice (HempWorx)

First of all, this company goes hand in hand with HempWorx. Some people may think that they are separate companies. Truth is that:

“HempWorx is a product brand inside of MyDailyChoice. By becoming a MyDailyChoice Affiliate, you are able to purchase and market HempWorx products along with any other MyDailyChoice products available.”

Chiefly, this company focuses on full-spectrum and THC products. “When joining MyDailyChoice, there are many affordable options that give you a lot of value and a turn-key business as soon as you enroll. You have the option to select any of the MDC products with packages that range from $39.00 – $599.00 depending on your product choice.”

Joining Options

Important to realize that this company depends greatly on “Preferred Customers.” Mostly, they consider this as “the core of their business.” Either join this company as a preferred customer or as an independent affiliate.

A “Preferred Customer” makes purchases every month and they “pay member prices.” Correspondingly, they have access to a “replicated website so they can share the MyDailyChoice products with their friends.”

“In exchange for the referrals, MyDailyChoice gives Preferred Customers free product each time they refer (3) Preferred Customers. Once a Preferred Customer has referred (3) Preferred Customers, they will be able to have (1) of the MyDailyChoice products shipped to them at no cost.”

As a retailer, you purchase products at the member price and resell them at a markup price. For example: Get 20 sprays at the member price of $299. The suggested retail price is $399. Profit at $100.

Various products that you can offer includes:

  • Tinctures
  • Topical
  • Softgels
  • Gummies
  • Pet products
  • Bath bombs
  • Haircare
  • Coffee

7. Reliv

Ever feel passionate about having a wellness business? Is your desire to work for yourself? Reliv has an opportunity for you as an independent distributor. Literally, joining this business opportunity is at a small cost of $20. Moreover, there is a 20 – 40% discount on products. Seriously, they even have a zero-risk guarantee.

At Reliv, they are always doing research studies to assess how well their products can give desired results. Needless to say that they have a strong commitment to making their products the best in the nutrition business.

Especially, products include “full-spectrum hemp extract” and you can get these at the Master Affiliate prices. Hemp Full Spectrum 750 for instance is $60.00 at the Master Affiliate price. Therein, the suggested retail price is $100.00.

Five Ways To Earn With Reliv

Ways to earn with Reliv Include the following:

Considering that you purchase products at a discount, you can “earn up to 40% retail profit” on your sales to your customers.

Once you get other people to join the Reliv business, you can earn 5% – 20% in wholesale profit.

Given that you recruit others you can: “Earn overrides when you reach our core position Master Affiliate and bring others into the business as Master Affiliates”

Start qualifying to earn cash bonuses and trips from the moment you start

Teaching other people how to build a great business with Reliv can give you a place on the Ambassador Team.

Alternative For CBD Direct Sales Companies

Are you really earning enough from CBD Direct Sales Companies? Sure, making money with direct sales is not as easy as so many people think. Would you like an alternative? Rest assured that affiliate marketing is an ideal alternative. For one thing, it is:

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Free from recruiting
  • Not necessary to build a team
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In case you have an interest in this alternative, Wealthy Affiliate can help you realize your financial dream. Assuredly, this training platform is the very best you’ll find online.

More than that, they offer training for free. Isn’t this a great idea especially for newbies? Besides, free training allows you to make a comparison with what you are presently doing. Definitely, this is my #1 training recommendation to start an online business.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” (Karen Lamb)

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, these are truly 5 great CBD Direct Sales Companies that you can start a business with right now. Indeed, if you would like to be in the health and wellness niche, CBD oil and its related products are hot.

Are you stretched for funds? Why not try affiliate marketing? After all, doing business for yourself doesn’t have to cost an “arm and a leg.”

Hope you are happy with your experience at theworkathomebusiness.com. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.

P. S. Sign Up For My #1 Recommended Training Course And Learn How To Start Your Online Business For FREE.

“If you don’t try, you forfeit the opportunity.” (Frank Sonnenberg)


Through The Hemp Network and then Kannaway™, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first company to sell cannabis-based products through both direct sales and network marketing companies. Medical Marijuana, Inc. made the choice to invest in network marketing and direct sales through Kannaway™ and the Hemp Network to take advantage of the network effects of sharing products and information, including the benefits of hemp-based cannabinoids.

In 2010, the Hemp Network became the first network marketing company to provide customers with hemp textile products under a direct sales platform. Tapping into an existing network of hemp advocates and business associates to promote hemp as a wellness product, the Hemp Network spread awareness of CBD hemp oil products among potential customers.


The Hemp Network provided the first marketing vehicle for global distribution of hemp products, helping Medical Marijuana, Inc. expand its market share for CBD hemp oil. Then in 2014, Kannaway™ was launched as a network marketing company to educate thousands about the benefits of cannabinoids. The company has successfully distributed cannabis product lines including CBD vaporizers from HempVAP®, a skincare line from Cannabis Beauty Defined®, and Rev!ve® products, through an experienced team of network representatives.

Kannaway’s CBD hemp oil products were also the first cannabis based products introduced to Puerto Rico when the company launched on the island. Through a series of education and press events, Kannaway™ was able to excite a dialog across the island on the benefits of CBD hemp oil and cannabis. Just 233 days after Kannaway™’s launch, the governor of Puerto Rico announced his intentions to legalize medical marijuana in the territory. The effort put into Puerto Rico, the U.S., and nations around the world earned Kannaway™ a nod as Start-up of the year in 2014 from the Academy of Multi-level Marketing.

Under the leadership of new CEO Blake Schroeder, Kannaway™ is looking to pursue an expanded presence of their business model both domestically and internationally. Medical Marijuana, Inc. has made it our mission for hemp-based cannabinoids to become a staple in modern diets. With so much potential within this growing industry, we are proud to give people in the U.S. and around the globe an opportunity to grow their own health-focused canna-businesses under the Kannaway™ model.

Shop Kannaway™’s brands in our store, or visit the Kannaway™ website to learn how to become a brand ambassador.

5 Keys to Selling CBD Products Today

As recently reported, the global CBD oil and CBD consumer health market size are expected to reach USD 123.2 billion by 2027, expanding at a growth rate of 25.6 percent over the next six years. Many direct selling companies have joined the CBD gold rush, motivated by high consumer demand and the various product categories that can benefit from CBD. Some have found that creating great products with CBD was the easy part. Selling it can be a bit trickier.

The global CBD oil and CBD consumer health market size are expected to reach USD 123.2 billion by 2027, expanding at a growth rate of 25.6 percent over the next six years.

The Path to Selling CBD Products May Not Be Simple

For years, the only legitimate way to sell CBD products was to transact in cash—not an efficient or scalable solution and certainly not tenable for direct selling companies.

Even with the onslaught of new products, banks and U.S. based merchant service providers have struggled to distinguish CBD from marijuana. Historically, both have been considered prohibited products by most payment processors and their sponsor banks. Even after the recategorization of CBD from a Schedule 1 Narcotic to Schedule 5 by the DEA, many banks still worry about legal challenges and liability for providing financial services and issuing merchant accounts to companies selling CBD products.

The good news is that old perceptions are changing, and your ability to sell products containing or formulated with CBD as an ingredient is becoming more feasible. The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595, which was passed by the House in 2019, is likely to be reintroduced to Congress this year. This bill would allow financial institutions to provide financial services to legitimate cannabis-related businesses without facing potential penalties

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Here are Five Essential Keys to Selling CBD products

1. Use an Experienced and Reputable Payment Processor
Ensure you have the right payment processor fit for your business. You will need a provider who has real experience with and knowledge of CBD products. Ask them a couple of fundamental questions:

  • Where will your transactions be processed — in the United States or abroad? If your transactions are processed in the United States, your money will remain in the United States and is easily accessible. Be aware of the ramifications of offshore processing. You will need to set up a local entity within that processing region. You may be responsible for taxes in that country. Additionally, you will likely need local experts to set up, manage and keep the foreign entity in good standing. Since these transactions are technically occurring outside the United States, your American customers will likely see unexpected cross-border fees from their credit card company.
  • Will there be any restrictions on receiving your funds, such as delayed settlement times or a reserve?
  • What documentation is needed before selling your products? You may be asked to provide legal disclosure forms to validate that your products conform to the FDA’s 0.3 percent THC requirements. Additionally, you may need to provide a detailed list of product ingredients. Be aware that several ingredients acceptable in the United States are only allowed through a doctor’s prescription in other countries.
  • What are your product limitations? Today, a processor who processes payments for CBD products will have clearly defined product limitations. Should you add products outside of those limitations, you could find your merchant account immediately terminated and be at risk for being placed on the e-commerce blacklist: MATCH aka TMF (Terminated Merchant File).

2. Check with Your Payment Processor Before Selling Products with CBD in Them
Many businesses wrongly assume they can add CBD products to their list of offerings simply because of the perception that everyone is doing it. Merchants from several industries—nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and even beauty products and weight loss—have made this potentially fatal mistake, placing them in breach of their merchant account contract and risking account termination and being placed on the TMF.

Make sure you engage your processor early and throughout the process of integrating your CBD products. They can lead you toward the most direct route to selling without risk.

3. Hold Back Your Marketing Efforts Until you are Approved
You may have an amazing new CBD product, and you can’t wait to tell the field and your customers. However, posting too soon might put your new account approval at risk. Your processor should give you guidelines about what you can and cannot say about your pending products.

A word to the wise, the FDA has been known to take decisive action against CBD companies for making product medical or health claims. This applies to your field as well. As we all know, over-enthusiastic product claims from your field can leave you liable. You don’t want to spoil the party before it even gets started because comments about an upcoming product are in violation of your merchant agreement and incur the FDA’s rancor.

4. Verify the Accuracy and Labeling of your Ingredients, Particularly Regarding CBD
As mentioned previously, CBD products must contain less than 0.3 percent THC to be acceptable from the FDA. For products derived only from hemp, this is a non-issue. However, in a recent study of current CBD oils on the market, there was a wide variance in the actual quantities of CBD and THC compared to what was stated on the label. It should go without saying that even unknowingly misrepresenting the ingredients can be a sure-fire way to find yourself on the TMF.

Many U.S. states demand that the labels of CBD products sold within their borders be free of any health claims. It’s important to understand that claims don’t need to be explicit. If a company implies that its product can be used to treat a disease, the FDA and local authorities may conclude that the product is a drug. Consequently, if a CBD company makes any medical, disease, or structure and function claims, the FDA will likely conclude that the company is marketing “unapproved drugs in violation of the FDCA.”

The FDA is definitely watching, and they have consistently issued warning letters to companies for making disease treatment and cure claims.

5. Stay Aware of the Federal and State Laws Regarding CBD and Hemp
The laws surrounding cannabis, hemp-based products, and CBD are still largely a grey area. Federal and state laws vary widely. Staying up to date and maintaining compliance with the evolving laws and regulations will ensure that you and your field can be confident in selling your products.

There is no question that the potential for hemp-based products and CBD, in particular, has massive potential for direct sales. As more direct sales companies embrace this potential, we look forward to what is poised to be a skyrocketing marketplace.

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