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cbd oil for bruxism

How might CBD benefit those suffering from bruxism? In theory, there are several potential mechanisms:

In addition, CBD is known to interact with blood thinners and other medications. Also worrisome is the fact that CBD is currently regarded as a supplement. Why should that matter? Supplements are not regulated by the FDA like medications are. When it comes to the safety, purity and strength of CBD products and other supplements, consumers are forced to rely on the manufacturers’ reports of what their products contain.

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CBD for Bruxism

Clenching the jaw or grinding the teeth can be an expression of determination, anger, stress or some other extreme emotion. However, when it is a habitual motion that a person unconsciously performs when they are awake or sleeping, it becomes a medical concern called bruxism.

While some believe CBD holds promise as a treatment for bruxism, it is far from the only option available. There are several time-tested treatment options that can be effective in combating teeth grinding and clenching:

Doctors suspect that a mix of physical, psychological and genetic factors may all be involved. Although bruxism’s exact trigger remains unclear, certain risk factors have been identified. For example, individuals who are hyperactive, people with Type A personalities, and those who are experiencing high levels of stress seem to be more likely to engage in grinding or clenching of the teeth. Over time, this behavior might spur the development of bruxism. Some medications and medical conditions can also increase a person’s risk of developing the issue. In addition, having relatives who struggle with the condition can raise an individual’s risk of battling bruxism. Fortunately, there are several treatments available to help those confronted with this condition. Could CBD be one of them?

In recent years, cannabidiol has caught the attention of the public and the interest of many medical researchers and health care providers. More commonly referred to as CBD, this component of the marijuana plant is often touted by people in the alternative health field as an effective treatment for an amazing array of ills. While some claims are currently speculative or supported only by anecdotal evidence, others have garnered some serious scientific backing. Could CBD for bruxism considered useful in treatment? Answering that question requires knowing something about not only bruxism but also CBD products and the potential benefits and drawbacks of CBD for bruxism.

CBD oil has become more widely accepted and used in the medical community as a treatment for anxiety, including dental anxiety that may prevent you from maintaining your oral health.

We offer hemp-derived Plus CBD Oil™, an agriculturally based product that provides safe and legal treatment. Plus CBD Oil™ is non-psychotoxic, producing no euphoric side effects associated with cannabis.

Levesque Dentistry is committed to providing our patients with leading dental care, including the latest treatment modalities for addressing dental health-related concerns. Dr. Vogel and Dr. Levesque offer CBD oil as an alternative treatment option for a range of concerns related to inflammation, anxiety and sleep disorders.

CBD Oil for Jaw Pain

CBD oil has a range of uses, including the treatment of TMJ disorders and associated jaw inflammation and pain.

We work with anxious patients on an individual basis to evaluate needs and ensure that they feel comfortable, safe and relaxed during their dental care in our office. CBD oil can help you to feel calmer and reduce inflammatory side effects of dental treatments for an improved patient experience.

Bite problems and temporomandibular disorders, or TMD can cause muscle tension and pain in the jaw joints. Over time, patients can experience difficulty eating and speaking or a “locked jaw” that suddenly becomes difficult to open and close. CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation around the jaw joints, allowing the muscles to relax and release tension.

CBD oil is another tool for helping patients receive the dental care they need, improve outcomes and providing more comprehensive care for complex problems. Drs. Vogel and Levesque will work with you on an individual basis to identify and address your unique needs that can be managed with an appropriate dose of CBD oil.

Another happy CBD user, Ariel used CBD oil for her daughter’s bruxism says, “Works! I’ve noticed my daughter’s teeth grinding has decreased when giving her a few drops per day. And Thank you, Leo, for your great customer service!!

As discussed above, stress and anxiety can result in bruxism. CBD by triggering the serotonin receptors present in the brain. These serotonin receptors are believed to regulate our mood, social behaviour, appetite, memory and other functions. A trigger in these receptors helps brain cells to transmit more signals which in turn can lower anxiety and boost our moods.

Bruxism sometimes can be frequent enough and can lead to severe jaw disorders, headaches, and damaged teeth.

4. Vitamin C

Chelsea Renne, one of the happy CBD users, used CBD oil for teeth grinding and found it really helpful. She says, “After using CBD oil daily for about two weeks I’ve noticed I am feeling more rested and my overall daily anxieties have almost disappeared. My teeth grinding has decreased immensely as well as the pain I suffered from the grinding. I’m so grateful for this product!”

Another amazing alternative to help you in relieving the symptoms Bruxism is using CBD oil. This cannabinoid is extracted from the hemp plant and is well known for its incredible medicinal and therapeutic properties.

A study published in General Dentistry concluded that occlusal splint combined with cognitive-behavioural therapy can be more effective than just using a splint. Using this combination can be more effective at achieving muscle relaxation in bruxism.

Medications like Antidepressants and Painkillers are not the best option to treat the problem of teeth grinding as these are accompanied by adverse side effects. But there is nothing to worry about as we have natural supplements like CBD to treat this condition effectively. You can take a few drops of CBD oil directly via your mouth, vape it via CBD vape pens or simply mix it in your food for better relieving the symptoms of teeth grinding.