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cbd oil for horses with cushings

First of all, you’ll want to think about the condition/symptoms your horse is experiencing.

Like some other cannabinoids, CBD has been shown to suppress pain signals and pathways in the body, offering fast, temporary relief from different types of pain.

Like I said, I personally recommend using CBD oil for horses.

1. HolistaPet

You might not hear as much because all the dog stories being published, but know that CBD has been helping horses too.

After a ton of research and feedback, I have rated the formulas from HolistaPet to be the best option right now. They have amazing ingredients and great prices as well.

This is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis and is responsible for causing the euphoric “high” we associate with cannabis.

As the weeks went on, she suddenly started joining us on walks again and was actively seeking out play-time like she used to.

"When the gut wall becomes inflamed, it leaks undigested food particles through to the liver," Dr. Harman continues. "The liver detects the foreign material and goes into overdrive trying to solve the problem. Many of the vaccines and drugs we use on a regular basis over-tax the liver and it has a difficult time coping with the overload. This, in turn, stresses the immune system and can contribute to arthritis and other symptoms of internal stress that increase the body’s steroids (well documented in the human literature), which we treat with drugs, particularly anti-inflammatories that can further inflame the gut wall, resulting in a vicious cycle.

"The horse also needs stress reduction and help for the rest of the body, therefore chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathic help may be called for. Homeopathy is one of the branches of natural medicine where you really need to be working with a professional homeopath that is accustomed to dealing with laminitis cases," Dr. Harman says.

Today, a more subtle type of laminitis/ founder is on the rise that involves glucose intolerance similar to diabetes. This form of laminitis stems from condition called Equine Metabolic Syndrome that was previously thought to affect only older horses.

The symptoms for Equine Metabolic Syndrome are numerous. According to Dr. Harman they include: hirsutism (long hair that does not shed out in the summer), refractory laminitis, winter laminitis, weight problems (over or under weight), sluggish thyroid glands, insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, muscle soreness, diabetes, stocking-up of legs (especially hinds), polyuria/polydipsia (drinking and urinating excessively), collagen breakdown, poor hair coat, frequent infections of the skin or other organs (including chronic hoof abscessing), poor teeth, multiple dental abnormalities, increased colic, lowered immunity to intestinal parasites, decreased intestinal wall integrity, infertility and muscle wasting.

"To help prevent Equine Metabolic Syndrome, it is best to keep your horse physically fit and trim with plenty of turnout time and friends to keep him happy. This sounds great on paper, but the realities of life are that this is not possible much of the time, but is a good goal to work towards. Only feed as much low protein, low sugar grain as it takes to maintain body weight. If your horse is getting fat, you may need to use a muzzle if he is on grass, or make a small pen where there is little grass. Reduce stress as much as possible; think about competition schedules and giving time off between them. Think about the amount of drugs and other chemicals you are putting into his body. Even chemical fly spray may contribute by affecting the thyroid gland. If you see any signs of lumpy fat that looks like cellulite on the crest or near the tail, that is a serious sign of trouble brewing. As a baseline, feed fat horses supplements with high levels of flax or Hemp as well as minerals to keep the glucose metabolism as healthy as possible. And above all, ride and have fun; that keeps the fitness part going.

The Riva’s CBD Oil for horses is a 2.0 % concentrate meaning that one ml (20 drops) contains 20 mg. The general range for horses is 40 – 100 mg daily depending on the chronicity or the intensity of the symptoms.

Overall, CBD Oil can promote a sense of greater physical, mental, and emotional relaxation for horses who have the following health conditions:

Hemp oil is extracted from the seed but should not be used in excess or for long-term since horses are not anatomically or physiologically designed to digest and metabolize excess oils, despite marketing claims.

Why Is Riva’s Remedies CBD Oil a Good Choice For Your Horse?

√ Riva’s CBD Oil uses 100% of the whole plant to extract the oil in order to ensure that all of the synergistic healing effects are intact and that the oil contains the full spectrum of medicinal ingredients. This method is superior to isolates which strip out all of the other naturally occurring healing substances including the other cannabinoids.

CBD is the short form term for cannabinoids which are found in the medicinal hemp plant. There are over 100 different cannabinoids in one hemp plant, all of which have health properties. Aside from the cannabinoids the hemp plant also contains important compounds called terpenes (also found in other herbs as well as fruits) which determine the taste and the smell of the plant and its oils. Terpenes are also medicinal and work synergistically with the cannabinoids to enhance their health benefits. It is the cannabinoids and the terpenes together that give the hemp plant its health properties for so many different health conditions.

Fortunately, the industry standard limits the THC content in all CBD oil products to less than .3% THC. This minimal amount of THC is processed before it can be absorbed making the CBD, including Riva’s Remedies CBD Oil, very safe for all animals.

CBD Oil can safely be used for those horses who are afflicted with pain, inflammation, stiffness, sluggish digestion, anxiety, and those horses with chronic stress. Use it for horses on stall-rest, horses with herd-bound issues, high stress levels, chronic illness, and sore joints or muscles. CBD Oil also has a beneficial effect on various immune problems as well.