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cbd oil four corners

We are committed to creating the highest quality product possible. Through steady research, listening to feedback, and experimentation, we relentlessly pursue the perfect CBD products.

4 Corners Cannabis products are unique because they are not distilled. Just like Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), our CBD products are made from raw extract, making them complete spectrum (a step-up from full spectrum CBD!)


The raw extract contains more beneficial ingredients from the plants, which in turn creates a more effective product. We believe that the sum of all of the ingredients works better than when they are separated out and diluted!

At 4 Corners Cannabis, we pride ourselves on transparency. You’ll never catch us trying to “water down” your CBD or sneak in artificial ingredients. Want proof? Just check out our third party lab test results.

From seed to bottle, we control the entire production process of all of our CBD products. All of our plants are grown in house, and our formulations are completely original.

Rave Reviews gave 4 Corners Cannabis their highest rating for providing the highest quality product with customer reviews backing this claim. ( Though the review mentions the prices are slightly higher than normal, they believe the quality of the product matched the price.

This salve is applied topically to provide muscle relief. This can be used with other CBD products to provide more long-term relief. Ingredients in the salve are coconut oil, beeswax, antioxidants, CBD dominant hemp extract, and Choice Terpenes.

Since 2013, 4 Corners Cannabis has focused on using the best quality CBD in the development of their products. Their website explains that levels of psychoactive THC are extremely low, making products legal in all 50 states. All growth and production happens onsite, giving the owners complete control of the quality of their products.


CBD Oil Review ranks 4 Corners Cannabis with 3 out of 5 stars. ( This review has found that the owners of 4 Corners Cannabis produce high-quality cannabis. However, they note that Certificates of Analysis on the 4 Corners Cannabis website is from 2015. An updated explanation about “consumer”s concerns about the contaminants in the oils” would be ideal.

* “KZ” noticed results after the first 3-4 drops or CBD oil from 4 Corners Cannabis. This user reported relief from spinal stenosis, hip and leg pain, back pain, and anxiety. No negatives were listed in this review.

* “Superior product genetics
* Boutique seed to finished product operation
* Simple product options on website
* Exceptional customer support
* Orders shipped within 24 hours

Oral Tincture
This product, which is taken orally, is available in 250, 500, and 1000 mg bottles. Users can add drops into a drink or take directly. Use of the Oral Tincture will give long term relief. Ingredients are MCT Oil, CBD dominant hemp oil, and orange extract.

Full spectrum extract

A look at the independent lab tests for their pet tincture reveals high amounts of CBG and CBC, two of the most widely recognized cannabinoids beyond CBD, which should help ensure the product is bioactive and potent for the majority of dogs.

Things to consider

Organic golden hemp seed oil carrier

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One of the few CBD oils to have been featured on the American Veterinary Association website, 4 Corner’s classic pet tincture is an awesome example of pet CBD done right. Beginning with organic hemp grown on-site at the company’s Colorado-based farm, cannabis compounds are then extracted from the plants to produce a full spectrum product, containing a wide range of supplementary cannabinoids.