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cbd oil in kansas

Marijuana has a long and often rough history in the United States.

If you’re suffering from a debilitating medical condition, you can purchase 5% THC CBD oil with a letter from your physician.

Industrial hemp, on the other hand, is a different story. In 2014, the US Government made changes to the Agricultural Act that took industrial hemp off the Controlled Substances Act.

Attempts at Medical Marijuana Laws in Kansas

Although you should be able to track down CBD in Kansas, it’s important that you take a few precautions before making a purchase.

Although marijuana has had a hard time gaining traction under Kansas law, there are still options for you if you are looking to purchase CBD legally.

This is a small victory for marijuana in Kansas, but it seems as though legal marijuana is a long way off.

CBD can be made from both flowering marijuana plants and industrial hemp.

CBD oil is federally legally so long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, as mandated by the 2018 Farm Bill. It may not be legal at a state, county, or local level. Check your local laws and regulations before buying CBD oil.

CBD is most often used in CBD oil. CBD oil is a mixture of CBD and a non-toxic carrier oil like avocado oil. CBD oil can be applied topically, ingested with your favorite drink or a snack, or placed under the tongue. How you use CBD oil depends on your preference and what you’re trying to do.

In 2018 Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer signed Senate Bill 282, which exempts the cannabinoid CBD from the same classification as marijuana. The bill legalized the cultivation and use of hemp products, and its derivatives include hemp-based CBD oil. CBD products cannot contain any THC per Kansas law.

How to Use CBD Oil

Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, you can find CBD in several places but with no further information or advice to go with it. Luckily for Kansas residents, NuLeaf Naturals has partnered with several Kansas locations to help you find high-quality and third-party tested CBD oil. You can visit one of our Kansas partners for direct help, or if you prefer less interaction, you can purchase CBD oil directly from our website. If you need further help finding the right product or want to learn more about proper use, call our CBD experts at 720-372-4842.

CBD has spread like wildfire across the country, including in the heartland of Kansas but accurate information on CBD and its uses is lagging. Let’s learn what Kansas residents need to know about CBD, including its legal status and where to find high-quality CBD oil.

Most only know it by the letters, but CBD stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the cannabis family of plants. Cannabinoids like CBD bind to the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to produce its effects. Cannabinoids like THC can produce a psychoactive high but CBD bonds to different receptors that produce similar therapeutic results without a high.

This guide may not be up to date on the current legislation at the state or local level. We recommend you do your research to understand the legalities surrounding CBD oil where you live.

Conveniently located off I-435, American Shaman Store (500 W 103rd St, Kansas City, MO 64114) holds a perfect 5-star rating, with high marks for an excellent and diverse selection, laid-back atmosphere, and personalized customer service. In addition to high-quality hemp-derived CBD oils, you’ll find a variety of alternative wellness products, vape products, and accessories. Prices are always affordable, and be sure to check for online deals, as well. (Military personnel and vets receive in-store discounts.) Open even days a week: Monday-Saturday 10AM-9PM; Sunday 11AM-7PM.

CBD Oil Shops in Kansas City

So what is CBD? As one of more than 85 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, CBD only contains trace amounts of THC, meaning that it won’t get users high and features a range of recreational and health benefits. In particular, CBD helps the endocannabinoid system, which controls functions like sleep, hormone regulation, appetite, mood, and pain. Better yet, numerous medical studies suggest we’re only starting to understand CBD’s biggest health advantages. In addition to general anxiety disorders and chronic pain, hemp-derived CBD may help reduce, mitigate, or prevent schizophrenia, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, ALS, cancer, and other significant health problems.

The Best Places to Buy CBD in Kansas

For Kansas City residents, either on the Kanasas or Missouri side, you’ll find several excellent places to buy CBD products.

Our favorite CBD products can be purchased online for delivery to Kansas:

While you’re in the neighborhood, check out Main Smoke Shop (3429 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111) is a great all-around head shop, carrying Kratom, e-liquids, dabbers, vape products, hand blown glass, and high-quality CBD. Established in 2004, Main Smoke has earned its reputation as a local favorite thanks to affordable prices, and online promotions. If you’re unsure which CBD grade or product suits your needs, be sure to ask MSS’s knowledgable and friendly staff members. Open seven days a week: Monday-Friday 10AM-9PM; Saturday-Sunday 10AM-8PM.

What Is CBD?