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GoodTimes’ CBD infused incense sticks will help you have just that – a good time. Out of all the scents they have to offer, our first favourite has to be Cool Water. This scent will remind you of the cologne of the same scent, so if you love that cologne, then you’ll only love it more after you smell the relaxing, CBD infused scent from these incense sticks.

Yield Design Co. really raises the bar for CBD infused incense products. Each hand-rolled, bamboo and tree resin stick in this pack contains 150 mg of active CBD extracted from hemp plus great smelling essential oils. This will get your home smelling like amyris, coriander, and amber while releasing the CBD vapors you’re looking for over the course of an hour. If you’re looking for an aroma that makes you feel like you’re out in the woods, then this is exactly the incense stick you’re looking to kick and relax with.

This pack comes with 15 hand-rolled CBD infused incense sticks made from bamboo and tree resin. Just like the other product from Yield Design Co., they also have 150 mg of organic CBD which has been extracted from hemp infused into every stick. Their white sage essential oil combination includes hints of olive, thyme, and notes of orange that will last well after the one hour burn time of each stick.

GoodTimes Cool Water CBD Incense – $

Our last product comes from GoodTimes because we just can’t get enough of their interesting and strong-smelling scents. Egyptian Musk comes with essential oils mixed in that provide a light musky scent, as the name implies, with woodsy notes, a bit of citrus, and an undertone of mystery that will remind you of the great pyramids. Enjoyers of this essential oil and CBD infused scent claim it fosters order and balance while removing negative energies, which is great if you’re in need of that sort of thing. If you’re not though, don’t worry because these incense sticks have a wonderful burn that will fill your home or personal space with a great scent that will help you relax and kickback.

Perhaps you’re someone who loves simplicity when it comes to your CBD infused incense burns, and the Midwest Incense Company has your back. For under $10, you can get 85-100 CBD infused incense sticks to burn, which is a great value. Get your zen back with this sweet, simple, and straightforward product.

Now, unlike the other products on this list, these cannabis incense sticks do not contain CBD, but this is such a fantastic product that we could not help but put it on this list at a high ranking. If you’re wanting the smell of cannabis – because, honestly, who doesn’t just love that aroma? – then you’ll want these incense sticks to burn. HEM is one of the leading incense makers in India and one of the most popular incense companies on Amazon, so you can guarantee a high quality diffusion from every single stick in the package, and you can even get free shipping and buy a bulk set before you click the add to cart button! We highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an incense that smells great in a moment you might not need the effects of CBD.

GoodTimes comes back again with another great CBD infused incense stick, but this one has a variety of benefits besides just smelling great and vaporizing CBD! Their Jasmine scented sticks have a sweet, sensual smell that helps you calm down and relax – they even say it’ll help reduce headaches. And, yes, we said sensually. Some belief Jasmine antidepressant and aphrodisiac properties, so why not give it a try in a variety of settings!

CBD capsules are a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. Capsules are often favored by CBD users who want to avoid counting drops or measuring tinctures. CBDistillery™ 25mg CBD Capsules provide 25 milligrams of full spectrum CBD in each 100% vegan capsule. CBD capsules are much better than CBD incense because you can use your CBD discreetly whenever you like, without the aroma of hemp lingering in the air.

To protect yourself from marketing gimmicks, be sure to purchase products from a reputable company that provides access to third-party test results. You can use this documentation to verify the CBD content, THC content, and purity of the products you select.

There is no point in purchasing a CBD product that is unlikely to provide any of the effects you may be looking for. For an alternative far superior to CBD-infused incense, consider one of the following products from CBDistillery™:

#2 Full Spectrum 250mg CBD Tincture

While pleasant fragrances can enhance your mood, it’s important to know that CBD incense will not likely produce the type of results you are looking for.

The therapeutic potential of CBD is based on its interaction with the receptors of your Endocannabinoid System. To initiate a response, the cannabinoids must enter your body through your skin, mucous membranes, or digestive tract. Although CBD (cannabidiol) enters your bloodstream when smoking cannabis, the smoke from CBD incense dissipates into the air and will not be utilized by your body.

As the demand for hemp-derived CBD products continues to increase, retailers will naturally be looking to expand their inventory of available products. That’s how business works. Unfortunately, many companies are pushing gimmicky CBD products that offer little significant value. CBD incense is a prime example. Consider the following unproven claims made by numerous companies:

Our 250mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture combines CBD-rich hemp extract and MCT, a natural carrier oil than enhances product absorption. Full spectrum CBD contains all the plant terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals found naturally in the original plant. CBD tinctures are much more effective than CBD incense because each 1mL dropper contains 8mg of CBD. The effects can last 6-8 hours.

10 Sticks, 25 Sticks

10mg ea., 20mg ea.

To prevent fire burn incense with sight, never leave unattended or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Place on stable heat resistant surface. Also, do not touch or move incense while burning or when it is hot. Keep away from drafts.

Finally, check out our other great CBD PENDY.CO products!

Our CBD Incense are infused with Cannabidiol along with essential oils and fragrances which are extracted from natural resources to ensure the utmost perfection of usability. Helps with anxiety, stress, and focus.

Active Ingredients: Cannabidiol

All incense are handmade with coconut oil, bamboo, makko powder, sandalwood powder, Hemp Extracted High Resin Cannabidiol and are not complete without the finshing touch of a light dusting of CBD. Throughout the entire process we make certain only the finest therapeutic blend of oils are used.

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.