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We make 100% natural, cold-pressed CBD Multi-Complex Hemp products that are notified with the FSAI and are completely safe and legal.

First time I've ordered online direct from the manufacturer. Fast delivery, minimal packaging. Will order again.

First time I've ordered online direct from the manufacturer. Fast delivery, minimal packaging. Will order again.


Find out what independent and industry-standard testing we carry out so you can trust that our products are safe and fully compliant.

Malta House
Sean O’Carroll
St Ardee Co Louth

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Quick delivery was very impressive – first time using the product so will have to use again before reviewing effectiveness.

Celtic wind are best know for their pure Irish Seed to Shelf production. This has led to them being one of the most present brands in-store and online. Celtic Wind are also one of the fastest growing brands in Europe, due to their strong and robust manufacturing talent which enables them to scale fast. Clearly a benefit of their top-down integration in their farming & manufacturing.

Celtic Wind Canna-Curcumin Capsules

Who Are Celtic Wind Crops?

Celtic Wind CBD Oil

Celtic Wind are one of the few fully top down integrated CBD Brands in the UK and EU. This means they hold total control over the entire production process of their CBD. Made form Hemp Grown in The Cooley mountains, Ireland. Then Processed in Ardee, Ireland. So only the highest quality controlled Irish CBD reaches the selves in the UK & Ireland.

Celtic Wind CBD Capsules contain the same great multi-complex CBD oil that is found in the Celtic Wind CBD UK Oil. Being 20mg and 60 capsules per bottle. This bottle will provide you with a good reliable and easy to track dosage of CBD. Simply take two a day to start, and adjust to your needs.

As always we like to look at Reddit to see what that community thinks of the CBD companies we include in our reviews, and Celtic Wind is no exception. On Reddit it seems that there is a mix of reviews – we found this thread pictured above which claims that Celtic Wind CBD oil is a scam, however the user seems to have deleted the submission. Depsite the deletion, many users have upvoted this thread. This Reddit thread is actually still open, so we’d love to see someone from Celtic Wind or Lloyds Pharmacy jump on there and respond to this.

What puts our backs up more, is that since this all came out, Celtic Wind have gone ham to remove all of the negative reviews that they are getting on their Trustpilot . Mega-corporate clean up on isle 4!

All of this seems very suspect- the fact is, a lot of trust has been lost and we are sure the company are for the doors.

What does Reddit think of Celtic Wind CBD oil?

Shall we do the big one first? Yeah, let’s do that. The BBC’s ‘Trust Me I am a Dr’ did their own Celtic Wind Review. They tested the 5% CBD oil and found that there was 0.00075% CBD in the bottle (spits tea). That’s not just a little bit out, now is it?

From what the website details, Celtic Wind were incorporated in 2012 and are one of the biggest growers and producers of hemp-based products in Ireland. They offer a wide range of hemp oil products, alongside a wider range of CBD capsules.

In all honesty, the oil is overpriced, but from our experience we quite enjoyed it.

Look at the executive’s page: they do not seem a trusty bunch. More like a room full of wall street bankers (yes, with a b).