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cbd oil legal in victoria

FreshLeaf Analytics, specialists in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry, said the first company to get its product on chemists’ shelves will have a significant advantage in a market estimated to exceed $200 million a year.

FreshLeaf’s analysis of the TGA ruling said many products prescribed by medical practitioners – after gaining special approval because the drug is currently unapproved – will meet the criteria for sale over the counter.

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Low dose cannabis oil can be bought over the counter at pharmacies from Monday for the first time, but don’t expect to find any for at least six months as none has been approved for sale yet.

Dr Jansen said his practice specialising in medicinal cannabis was passionate about CBD because it was life-changing for about a quarter of patients.

Mr Sclavos, a pharmacist who has specialised in medicinal cannabis, said the decision to allow pharmacies to dispense cannabidiol without a prescription was a major move forward for a “whole cohort of patients”.

After Grace* was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, she turned to medicinal cannabis.

But accessing it through legal medical channels was a challenge: she faced long waiting times and substantial paperwork.

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Professor Lintzeris says the system has adapted and improved since medical cannabis was legalised at the federal level in 2016.

"I think we're seeing some changes in the development of the marketplace, as more doctors take up this option and get better educated around what medical cannabis is, as the price of products is reducing and as more products come onto the market, and there's more and more consumers who are getting experienced with legal supplies," Professor Lintzeris says.

"I'd rather be using medical cannabis than opium products any day. But it is so expensive to access legally and yet opium products are subsidised by the government. The addiction story for opioids is horrendous. Cognitive dissonance [is] the right word for our culture."

2016: VIC participates in the national legalisation of CBD discussion

CBD oil starts becoming a regular medicine to improve on peoples health. Similar to fish oil or vitamins.

The history and future of CBD in VIC

(Future) The VIC Australian government allows for people to purchase CBD oil legally over the counter without a prescription.

People can legally take CBD oil if they have a medical condition existing for three months or more.

Discussion opens up about having CBD oil legally available over the counter.