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cbd oil lemonade

I talk about CBD products a lot and that is because I found something as natural as a vitamin that has literally changed my life. After having kids I began to suffer from anxiety. It comes and goes, but sometimes it is bad. A modern day adult’s life is very stressful. Owning my own business and being home with my kids makes some days full of stress and anxiety. I mainly use CBD oil for anxiety, however I have found it very useful for some of my chronic pain.

You will love how simple this recipe is. In a blender you will add the strawberries and 1/4 cup water. Blend until a puree forms, then add the sugar and blend for another 15 seconds. Add the lemon juice and blend for another 15 seconds.

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CBD is known to reduce anxiety. The best way to use it for anxiety is to find your best dosage. Everyone has different dosage needs. You might need 5 mg daily to reduce your anxiety, but 15 mg daily to reduce body pains. I recommend playing around with the dosage starting at 5 mg and working up to 25 mg to find your needs. I personally need about 15mg daily to reduce my anxiety or 25-30 mg daily for body aches and pains.

I get asked a lot “is CBD Oil legal?” CBD is completely legal. Products derived from agricultural hemp containing less than .3% THC are considered legal!

Using CBD oil for pain can be done a few different ways. You can take it orally which is very effective for helping with chronic pain, or you can use the rubs for a quick pain reliever. I slather the balm all over my achy feet, neck, and shoulders all the time. I love it.

However, you’ll have to do some hunting to find it. There appear to be only two brands of any significant size that make CBD lemonade at the moment. One of them is called Honeydrop, which makes a line of three infused lemonades in partnership with EVO Hemp. These include Relax (a traditional lemonade), Revive (a matcha-flavored variety), and Rehab (which is made with turmeric and black pepper), each of which sell for $5.99.

Both makers of CBD lemonade are also transparent about third-party laboratory testing — CBDfx offers a full PDF lab report on their product page, while Honeydrop’s partner EVO Hemp (a U.S.-based manufacturer with an extensive line of hemp and CBD products) has a publicly available database that shows the test results for every batch of CBD extract that passes through their facilities.

The Pros and Cons of CBD-Infused Lemonade

Aside from the pre-bottled varieties, there’s always the DIY option (though this can be trickier than just squeezing a few drops of CBD oil into your pitcher of lemonade, since CBD-infused beverages require high-tech manufacturing processes to be effective). But since homemade varieties can vary so greatly depending on both the CBD oil and the lemonade used, we’ll limit this discussion of pros and cons to the stuff you can buy at the store.

For starters, lemonade’s combination of strong sweet and sour flavors makes it an ideal option for masking the flavor of CBD, which can be a bit much for the taste buds, especially for novice users. Typically described as “earthy,” “grassy,” or “nutty,” CBD can overpower milder beverages, but in lemonade it’s much less detectable.

CBDfx is the only other national brand to offer an infused lemonade, and while their products are available online — with no apparent restrictions on shipping — they’re also more limited. The brand offers a single drink, called the Lemonade Chill Shot that comes with 20 mg of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD. It’s only two ounces, which makes it less of a sippable beverage and more of a quick lemonade-flavored shot of CBD. Like many CBD products, it’s a bit pricey — a single serving costs $6.99, though there’s a discount for bulk purchases (a 12-pack will set you back $54, which comes out to $4.50 each).