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cbd oil lisbon portugal

Nossa missão é fornecer produtos de alta qualidade a todos, com educação, curadoria e transparência.
A Green Swallow está estabelecendo um novo padrão para a cannabis na Europa.
Nosso grupo online e de varejo oferece uma experiência de compra incomparável em todas as nossas mais de 20 lojas em toda a Europa.

I have very rarely bought on the street, but it seemed safe enough & not at all seedy, though the area around there is rather run-down. There seem to be no shortage of dealers, all perfectly normal-looking young black men (some with the rasta look).

–>You can be fined and possibly forced to stay in jail overnight.

Erva – This is the actual plant. Price varies according to dealer/quality.

Pollen – Medium quality hash – usually about 5€ a gram Bolota/Paki – High quality hash – about 10€ a gram

I also got approached on the main street going up from Martim Moniz, rua da Palma (you won’t miss it – it’s the street with the tram lines: a trip on the old trams being a must for any visit to Lisbon)