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London is a city that needs no introduction. The Big Smoke is jam-packed with culture, history, beauty and a whole lot of fun. However, if there’s one thing that does need an introduction about London, it’s the thriving cannabis scene, of which many people are still unaware.

There are scores of shops around London where you can find gold-standard CBD products and expertise tailored to your needs to help you find the best CBD goods for you. Below, we’ve done the hard work for you and found all the best CBD hotspots in this fantastic city.


CBD purchases shouldn’t be completed on a whim – there are some key factors to consider when choosing the best CBD:

Have you ever felt lost when looking at the shelves of a shop or browsing a website, faced with dozens of options and just trying to pick one and come out sane? The bad news is that this can be a common theme in the CBD world, given the sheer number of products and companies out there. The good news is, since there are so many products, you’re bound to find one you like and, more importantly, one that you can trust.

Nowadays, it feels at times as if CBD can be found just about anywhere. The last 10 years have seen an enormous surge in online CBD retailers as well as physical shops. Companies are increasingly coming up with new CBD-infused products in order to stand out from their competitors, even producing such products as CBD-infused granola. Let’s take a look at the most common CBD products sold in the UK:

Each month, I’ll be giving you an update you on our latest news and recommendations – as well as sharing a little feedback from happy customers – and look forward to keeping in touch and hearing from you, too.

"The London Botanists are The Snazz. For absolute confidence in purity and ethical sourcing, their CBD is simply peerless. I use their CBD syrup in many of my recipes, especially for making a chocolate coating intended for caramels, biscuits or truffles. It’s the sort of thing I find very necessary to keep stashed in my fridge to help high jump my stress levels in this ridiculously demanding world we live in."

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– Matt Worley professional rugby player for the Bedford Blues

"Since I found The London Botanists CBD oil my sleep and recovery after tough training sessions has improved. I particularly found a huge difference in the overall quality of my sleep as well"

"The whole CBD world is really interesting me but it's a minefield with so much going on so I did some investigation. The London Botanists not only have a really friendly service, they also have a really great product that works"