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cbd oil new york state

You’ve come to the right place.

Buying CBD online in New York is the best way to save time and money.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in New York?

CBD can be produced from hemp and marijuana. Although both plants share the same parent — Cannabis sativa L. — they don’t share the same chemical profile. In fact, these two sources of CBD oil are worlds apart when it comes to their CBD/THC ratios.

As mentioned earlier, New York is home to plenty of CBD stores, so if you need to touch the product and talk with the staff about your CBD goals, here’s the list of recommended suppliers.

It’s also easier to research your potential supplier. The internet is full of articles about the quality standards for CBD extracts. You can read expert blogs, reach out to other CBD users on social media and forums, or ask the company to provide Certificates of Analysis from third-party testing.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new law in December 2019 that enabled the hemp industry to label and test their products. Generally, this informs consumers more regarding the drug they’re purchasing. According to state law, CBD retailers need to have a license to sell their products in New York.

The laws surrounding CBD in New York enable tourists and residents to use CBD for their recreational purposes. Buying CBD in New York is entirely legal, provided you are using it as a dietary supplement and not your medication.

What Are the Licensing Requirements for CBD?

The state of New York decriminalized cannabis to a certain extent. However, people found possessing cannabis-based CBD products might be subject to penalties.

The fact of the matter is that online retailers generally have a much wider selection of products available than brick and mortar stores. What’s more, you can take as much time as you like to look into the product and the manufacturer itself to ascertain their quality. CBD products almost always undergo 3 rd party testing to ascertain their chemical composition before becoming available to sell. The high-quality manufacturers will proudly display the results from that test on the label of their product. They also make them available on their online store website. If you are looking at a CBD product, whether online or in-person, and you can’t easily find the test results, better start looking for another brand.

If you want to grow hemp, you need to be part of the New York Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program. That’s currently the only legitimate way to do this in the state of New York today. The interested people should apply to the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets, which usually costs $500. The regulatory body issues a Research Partner Agreement to approved applicants.

Cannabinoid hemp products include many CBD products available for purchase today, including tinctures, oils, topicals, pills, capsules, and food or beverages that are intended for human consumption or application for their cannabinoid content. The Program requires anyone who is processing, manufacturing or selling cannabinoid hemp to first obtain a license from DOH. Those interested in growing hemp may find more information on the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets (AGM) web page.

Individuals or organizations that offer Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits and wish to be included on the Department of Health’s (Department) approved list of GMP auditors can apply and find more information here.

Department of Health Launches Cannabinoid Hemp Program

UPDATE! The Department has made updates to the proposed regulations to implement this Program and will be sharing more information as it becomes available.

Pursuant to Chapter 1 of the Laws of 2020 signed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the Department of Health (DOH) is launching a new Cannabinoid Hemp Program to regulate the processing, manufacturing and sale of cannabinoid hemp products (products containing cannabidiol or “CBD”) in New York State. Responding to the recent production and use of cannabinoid hemp products in the market, the Program implements basic consumer protections to ensure cannabinoid hemp products are properly manufactured, laboratory tested and accurately labeled.

APPLY NOW: The Department of Health is now accepting applications for Cannabinoid Hemp Processor and Retail Licenses and Distributor Permits.