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I'm gonna be ordering that today. I'm so excited! I just wanna be able to hang out with friends without feeling so stressed haha. And there is a 40% off discount going on.

Question. Do you recommend a product that doesn't use coconut oil as the carrier? or one without mct oil? I took first dosages yesterday from a broad spectrum tincture product cbdmd advertised through my gym (lifetime fitness) 25mg in morning and another 25mg at night.

I am wrecked today with diarrhea. I was up at 5:30am running to bathroom and have been that way all day. After doing some homework, i found that this carrier can cause gastrointestinal issues similar to those that drink bulletproof coffee.

Great list and the fact that you posted pictures of the brands you reviewed gives weight to your opinion/judgement. Cheers!

I know it's a symptom of serotonin syndrome and both SSRIs and CBD are pretty actively affecting the serotonin system. But my doctor dismissed that idea quickly because the dose was much too low for that.

There is a 50% off code for bioMDplus which was posted on another thread. Not sure if it will last but the code is: LOVE50

Dang, I wish I’d seen this a few days ago. I did some poking around online and ordered from a co called NuLeaf.

So I took CBD the first time and it gave me SUCH relief for my anxiety. Like I wanted to cry because the difference is so noticeable for me with CBD. I felt so much peace. But of course I just have to start a new job around the same time and can’t take CBD any longer because there’s no guarantee with products and drug testing. What’s annoying is that employers are totally fine with drinking alcohol recreationally but a little bit of CBD to relieve anxiety is a big no. It’s almost like the system wants you to stay suffering

I am currently taking CBD oil for the first time, for anxiety. I've been experimenting with the doses since it hasn't been doing anything for me, so I am steadily increasing how much I take in a dose. For reference, the CBD oil I take is:

Five Founders
THC: 0-36mg, 0-1.30 mg/g
CBD: 550.2-664 mg, 20.3-24.1 mg/g
Plant Type is Sativa Dominant
Its 30mL, and net weight is 27.4 g
Extraction Process is CO2
Terpenes removed
Carrier is olive oil

I’m so pissed off I can’t take CBD anymore because of work and drug testing

(They also hate CBD!)

The website host provider GoDaddy has refused Heady NJ technical service assistance, citing its anti-marijuana policy.

I bought this as a 0% THC bottle since I don't want any THC (I know there is still THC traces in 0%). I started taking 0.3 mL as a dose, but it didn't do anything and steadily increased and I tried 1.5mL which I also didn't really feel. I tried it for the first time before work and I took 2mL, and an hour or so later I felt a little dizzy. So I'm assuming that 2 mL is too much, my question is, what amount would most people take in a dose considering the facts about this bottle?