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cbd oil rotterdam

MariPharm maintains an in-house dedicated high-tech laboratory for quality control. In addition every batch of CBD oil receives a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from a renowned third-party Dutch Government approved laboratory, guaranteeing the quality in every bottle.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1995, for more than two decades MariPharm has undertaken pioneering work and research into medicinal cannabis, advising the Dutch and other governments on how to establish and manage medicinal cannabis programmes aimed at improving the quality of life and health of its citizens.

MariPharm is a ground-breaking phyto-pharmaceutical company.

MariPharm has consistently utilised innovative technologies, and has developed a revolutionary extraction process, that consistently guarantees the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade product. MariPharm’s CBD-products are formulated from pure CBD extract produced according to the most stringent EU GMP standards.

MariPharm manages the entire production process, from seed to sale with a vertically integrated supply chain.

With 25 years’ experience and expertise, MariPharm can guarantee a standardized, high quality and reliable end product, time after time.

Whether you want to relax with a water pipe or give your mental or visual consciousness a boost, with Headshop, Smartshop & Seedshop Apollyon you can buy a variety of products that best fit your needs. The products at the store (also online) are fully legal and legally allowed to sell from the Netherlands*.

Headshop, Healthshop, Glass-shop, Smartshop & Seedshop Apollyon since 2003, located in the south of Rotterdam, has a very wide range in the area of recreational weed, medical marijuana, medical cannabis oil, such as CBD oil and hemp seed oil+, tobacco, and (smart) recreational products. Items that can provide medical help, mental relaxation or just literally make you go berserk.

* Please note that you are responsible for knowing if any products you order are legal in your country of residence.

Apollyon offers you a wide range of headshop, smartshop, healthshop and lifystyle products. We have the largest range of products in the whole Benelux and we deliver our products to a wide range of country’s. Our store is located in Rotterdam, so you are always welcome to visit our shop.

In our online CBD oil shop you can buy products of various strenghts and forms with cannabidiol, like CBD oil in the form of a drippable liquid in little bottles (drops) or as thick, viscous, non-liquid paste (pure CBD).

CBD Oil Drops and Pure CBD Oil , like the Spray-, Shot- and CBDA Oil, are mainly applied orally (through the mouth). However in our shop other methods of ingestion and forms of application are available as well, like capsules, crystals, foodstuffs or salves.

What is CBD?

CBD oil is a natural product which consists of a carrier oil, like for instance olive oil, to which a CBD-rich hemp extract is subsequently added. The CBD is extracted from hemp plants which have been approved for legal cultivation according to European guidelines. CBD oil has a large number of favorable characteristics:

After THC the most important ingredient which can be found in the cannabis plant and hemp is CBD. It is thought that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids can play an extremely important role in our body and in the bodies of animals.

Besides quality CBD oil in the lowest price range for the price of €9,95 per bottle, you can also choose for extra high quality all the way up to first-class quality CBD oil for those who want the purest and the best.