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cbd oil uk review

It’s important to remember – there are loads of amazing CBD companies in the UK at the moment, particularly as the standards of our industry become higher and stricter. So although we’ve selected some companies below, we have reviewed lots of amazing companies across our site. It’s good to try a mix of brands to find what works for you. Please feel free to explore our site and check them all out.

Sadly, the CBD world is a complete minefield, the CBD oil drops industry is largely unregulated and you may have no idea what you are buying. Don’t worry though – our day job is to provide honest reviews and analysis of some of the growing brands in the UK.

Our mission is to weed out the cowboys with unsubstantiated claims, poor quality isolated CBD oils and to shine a light on those doing a great job! So here is our list if the Best CBD oils & Best CBD Brands UK!

What is the Best CBD Oil on the Mar ket? (Based on Real Reviews)

Note – Last updated July 2021. We previously had brands like Healthspan and 1CBd in this list but have since updated our guide. We’ve included a couple of coupons in this post too, we might get a little kickback if you use one of the coupons.

The UK CBD oil market is currently exploding. It is arguably the biggest well-being trend of the last century, and is rightly gaining popularity right across the world. Our own research estimates around 300 CBD companies operating in the UK right now, which is pretty crazy (and this number is growing monthly). Whether you already take CBDoil or if you are completely new to it, you may be aware that there are more than a few choices for CBD oil products in the UK right now.

If you ask us, we believe that CBDiablo’s 10% CBD oil is hands down the best CBD oil on the UK market right now (2021). While others may suggest otherwise, the quality of the oil, price point and company ethics have pushed the company to the top of our list.

I have been taking your CBD oil for 3 months now, to ward off migraines. I have to say it’s a sort of miracle. I have had two minor headaches but they haven’t manifested into major debilitating migraines. I was advised to use the oil by another friend who used to have dreadful migraine episodes and she advised me to try the oils. Two happy customers. Thankyou

I was using cbd gummies which I ordered from USA and they were OK, but as this product has both cbd and cbg it's effect is more potent. I decided to try these as,have suffered from depression and anxiety for over 30 years, I definitely feel much less depressed and my anxiety is greatly reduced and as I take just one in the late evening, I am definitely sleeping better so more able to cope on a daily basis than I was before and at £25.99 per bottle this is one of the cheapest products I've come across and it's made in the UK, so definitely recommend to anyone wishing to try it.

Product arrived with a broken seal so have not used item have messaged the company twice and had zero response . I do not recommend this company although the product may be good .

Just finished chemo great help in…


Been waiting for my order 4 days. Got the original email saying order received but nothing since.They provide no contact number. Tried emailing but not heard back.

They don’t reply when you email or even fill in link, my 2nd order turned up damaged and items was touched, less amount of gummy’s in there.

Good stuff zaaaang..

You’re going to get exceptional purity, as above, because of the supercritical CO2 extraction processes used to filter out the CBD from the hemp, and if you’re especially worried, each batch is certified with its own reports on purity and ingredients listings.

To this end, their plants are grown all across Europe in small farms, which are held to strict standards with no pesticides or chemicals used in the process.

3. Excite CBD

Each batch comes with a third-party lab certification, so you know exactly what you’re getting, but that’s par for the course with our top choices. Still, it adds another layer of confidence.

The purest and most powerful CBD oil we’ve seen on the UK CBD market, Blessed CBD is a premium product with a massive kick, so it’s going to have the strongest effect on your recovery.

Second, their hemp extract flowers are all handpicked, and rather than subjecting the hemp to high pressure, which almost all brands do, the CBD is extracted under low pressure and lower heat, which is supposed to keep the chemical profile of the oil as whole as possible.