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cbd oil while breastfeeding

I recommend going with a company like Royal CBD when shopping for products online. This is an excellent example of a company with strong integrity for keeping harmful compounds out of their oils — and keeping everything transparent for every batch.

Now that we know why someone may consider using CBD while breastfeeding, here comes the big question — is it safe for the baby?

CBD offers some unique benefits towards depression — however, you should always consult with your doctor before using anything to support depression — even herbal supplements, including CBD. There are several different causes for this condition, so it’s essential to understand the cause before you start taking anything.

3. CBDistillery CBD Gummies

With that said, CBD does offer some powerful benefits to different causes of depression. There are also a few phase 2 clinical trials currently underway investigating the effects of CBD for different types of depression.

CBDistillery is a Colorado-based company with a diverse product lineup. Out of all their products, my favorite is their CBD gummies — which come in three primary forms; full-spectrum, isolate, and nighttime formula (containing melatonin).

Should you decide to use CBD post-pregnancy, here are some of the top-rated CBD brands to look out for.

Just because we don’t have the research to prove something is safe, doesn’t mean it’s dangerous — so some doctors will exhibit caution while using supplements with small children and babies as long as there are no obvious signs that the supplement may be dangerous.

If you aren’t sure of whether the CBD products you want to use will have an effect on your baby, it is better to stop using them or carry out more research. You can also consult with a medical expert to understand the best action to take.

The key is in using pure CBD in moderation. For this reason, CBD oil is better than CBD concentrates. Always ensure that you take a low dose, and follow these guidelines when buying:

So why might a new mom want to use CBD? The reasons vary, but the most common ones are:

Wait six months after giving birth

With increasingly accurate information, breastfeeding moms are able to find out when and how they can use these products for their health, while safeguarding the health of their babies.

According to research, mothers should try to use THC-free, organic CBD products, and then only in moderation. This means buying from reliable sellers to avoid compromised products. Better still, you can buy CBD oil, hemp flower and extract pure CBD at home.

However, the research is unclear about this issue at the moment. What is evident is that THC can pass through breast milk and cause harm to the baby. As such, CBD oil that contains traces of THC is not recommended while breastfeeding.

So if you’re considering used CBD, wait until six months after you give birth, if possible, as this is a crucial time to build the immunity of your baby with breast milk.