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cbd pills vs oil

We’ve outlined the main differences between our CBII CBD oil and capsules in this handy table below. These differences just relate to CBII products, not capsules or tincture oils as a whole:

In this article, we’ll outline the main differences between CBD capsules and oils via tinctures, and then we’ll leave the choice up to you.


As there are some differences between CBD capsules and CBD oils taken via a dropper bottle, you can weigh up the differences between the two as well as consider what’s best for your individual lifestyle before making your choice.

Oils or tinctures delivered via drops under the tongue are also thought to be more readily and quickly absorbed by our bodies into the bloodstream as they aren’t processed via the digestive system like capsules are. This means it has what is called a higher bioavailability, so may be more effective in delivering all of the benefits of CBD.

In this article we’ll cover:

CBD pills are a subtle and effective way to enjoy cannabinoids. You won’t have to worry about drawing the attention of your colleagues or friends when taking the pills, which makes this form easy to add to your routine.

CBD pills are not as widely available compared to CBD oils. Plus, predetermined dose sizes make for less customization options when settling on your optimal dose. Of course, the doses do come in fixed intervals, so you have some flexibility. But if you are looking for a very specific CBD dose strength, CBD oil may be a better choice.

It is very easy to mix CBD oil with other foods and drinks. This property is useful to individuals who do appreciate the natural, earthy flavor of raw CBD oil.


The term CBD oil and tinctures are sometimes used interchangeably. This is because most CBD oils are delivered in tincture form. However, CBD tinctures can also be put into pills. A CBD oil tincture is a mix of hemp extract and carrier oil. Common carrier oils used to make CBD tinctures include olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, among others. The tinctures are sold in small dropper bottles. You ingest a CBD tincture by measuring a small portion and dropping it under your tongue, where numerous capillaries quickly absorb the oil into your bloodstream.

Taking CBD oil with a dropper gives you a lot of flexibility since you can easily tweak your dose size depending on your mood and desired effects. For instance, if you are using CBD oil to address anxiety symptoms, you can always adjust your dosage based on your current mindset.

CBD capsules are easy-to-swallow-pills; they are common in the medical field. CBD capsules are simply pills filled with CBD extract. Many people enjoy this form of CBD because you do not have to go through the process of measuring your CBD oil dose. Instead, the manufacturer does the heavy lifting. measuring the labeled CBD dose and packing that amount into pills. Most CBD pills or capsules are made of gelatin, but you can also find vegan options.

CBD pills have to be digested and broken down by your liver before they get into your bloodstream. The earliest their effects will kick in is 30 minutes after dosing. Why the delay? It’s because the CBD oil particles are too big to get through your digestive system lining and into your bloodstream. First, the liver must break down and process their enzymes.