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Amazing. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful and natural RSO for the first time in over 30 years I actually felt good, my daughter in law even said ma you look like your walking better today the first day I was on your RSO THAT IS AMAZING.

This company has impressed me right out of the GATE! THANK YOU for the discount, allowing me to buy my CBD. The dispensaries here are flagrant in their charges. FAST SHIP, and wow great quality CBD. Bless your company. Thank you for helping people.
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CBD’s effects are highly individual. Serving sizes can range from 25-200 mg. To find the amount of CBD that’s right for you, start with 50 mg, wait two hours, and increase as needed. Each mark on the applicator represents 1 ml of RSO or 100mg of CBD.

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Product Reviewed: RSO CBD Oil Full Spectrum

I was Pleasantly surprised by this concentrate, as I’ve been an avid tincture user for a while and generally perceived it as unnecessary cost wise if I’m already getting the high potency full spectrum tincture which seems to be more cost effective . But a friend insisted I try It and .. I will Say there really is something to be said for the effectiveness of the RSO, and the difference is clear to me now. For those times when t Read more he tincture doesn’t quite cut it, the RSO pulls through with added potency and so I guess I’m a believer now lol. I really think It is worth it when higher doses seem necessary. My fiancé agrees, he usually finds even the high potency tinctures to not be as apparent in effectiveness for him. But this blew him away after a really bad stressed day of **** and general crankiness, I said here stick this in your mouth lol and his mood improved considerably lol . I love Lazarus naturals , they make affordable and effective cbd and because of them and their generosity I dont Have to worry so much about running out anymore when I need it most. Thank you !

Until 2009, when he was ordered to stop for legal reasons, he gave away his oil — dubbed Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO — for free. Since 2013, Simpson has lived in Europe, and, according to his website, he cannot legally enter the U.S. due to the criminal background he received from the Canadian government.

The creator suggests that people start by taking a dose that is half the size of short-grain dry rice three times daily. He then recommends doubling the dosage after every four days for five weeks, slowly building up a tolerance to muddle the effects of the THC. For the remainder of the 12-week treatment period, keep the dosage at a full gram. Simpson also notes that the effects of the oil may not be felt until an hour after ingestion.

Who is Rick Simpson and why did he create RSO?

The antitumor properties of cannabinoids in cell lines and in animal models induced with cancer have been well-documented in peer-reviewed research over the years , but more research is needed to prove the efficacy and safety for clinical trials involving human patients.

RSO is typically not smoked. It is applied in the following ways:

In 2003, Canadian Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer. Soon after his cancer diagnosis, he read a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that showed THC could kill cancer cells in mice. Simpson was already a fan of medical cannabis — he’d been using it to treat tinnitus and dizzy spells caused after falling and hitting his head several years earlier — so he decided to try to treat his skin cancer with cannabis oil.

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a cannabis concentrate used for many different medical benefits, including relieving cancer symptoms. It has a thick, syrupy consistency and can be applied as a topical or ingested in food or drinks.

In 2003, after being diagnosed with skin cancer, Simpson did some research and heard about a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in which THC was found to kill cancer cells in mice. He created the oil that would become RSO to treat his skin cancer topically. After four days, the cancerous growths had disappeared. His physician wouldn’t believe it, but Simpson was convinced of the medicinal powers of cannabis.

What is RSO?

Each dose should be about the size of half a grain of rice and should be administered once every eight hours (morning, noon, and night); the first dose will be about ¼ drop of RSO.

RSO is great for drizzling over any type of food, but the taste can be a little off-putting for some. You may want to mix it with a sauce or something else to mask the flavor.

From then on out, he began cultivating his own cannabis and harvesting plants to create his own specialized form of cannabis concentrate, now known as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. It became his mission and goal to distribute cannabis oil to those who needed it, free of charge. He helped treat more than 5,000 patients with RSO, but his journey was not without its setbacks and struggles.