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Emblem oils are also odourless and flavour-neutral.

Emblem oils are cultivar-specific to ensure consistency, so patients can expect the same effect each time they order a product. Cultivar-specific cannabis oil allows a patient to better anticipate the effects of the oil, based on its dried flower counterpart.

Emblem Oil – CBD 20 THC 10

THC: 0.09 – 2.19mg/ml

Balanced CBD Dominant

CBD: 19.3 – 24.13mg/ml

Each batch of our hemp oil undergoes high quality testing at three different points within the production process:

CBD is everywhere these days – but you want the best. As the first company to bring hemp CBD oil to market in 2012, we know not all CBD is created equal. Our expertly crafted CBD products come from the finest European-grown non-GMO hemp, are U.S.H.A. Certified, and are always Triple Lab Tested® to protect their integrity.

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From the highest potency, to the best tasting, to skin and hair rejuvenating, we have the perfect CBD oil for anyone!


1) When the oil is extracted from the hemp plant
2) When the oil arrives from our source in Europe and clears US Customs
3) After formulation into our line of award-winning products