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cbd vape oil reddit

For me the only pro I can see is it being a substitute for my nicotine vapes. A con would be that if this was the best option then more people with medical cannabis cards would have this available from their producers but imo its not the same as a pure oil tincture or a concentrate made from resin/rosin. If you have the ingredients to make your own DIY liquids It would be at least 4x cheaper and you'll know exactly whats in the liquid.

That being said, unfortunately, CBD really doesn't work for everyone. You can have 10 people use it exactly the same, & they would all have different results. Not everyone has the same body chemistry. The same applies to animals as well, actually. It's definitely not a black and white topic lol.

If you're using concentrated quality cartridges, they work well. CBD e-juices are more for casual vaping than anything because they're not really strong enough to do much for some people. Depending, you can get a 1000mg cart for the same price as a bottle of 1000mg juice depending on the companies you choose. My carts (1000mg, uncut, 1ml) run $85ea and last forever because you only take one or two puffs as needed. A 1000mg 30ml bottle can run anywhere between $45 and $120 depending on the company and doesn't last as long. You also need to keep in mind that there's a lot of snake oil in the CBD world so not all companies have quality product (that produce the desired effects) and are OK to buy from. Verifying testing through an accredited lab is a big help in that department, if you know what to look for.

I also have to wonder if some people that don't feel the effects from a quality product are vaping it wrong. CBD is vaped like salt nic, low wattage (15w or less) and higher resistance coils. Higher wattage supposedly burns off the CBD so of course someone wouldn't feel the effects in cases like that.

Agreed. Just seems over all more effective eating it or dropping tinctures under your tongue. Especially with how expensive the vapeable form is.

I found the immediate effects to be great. I used full spectrum and it had a kind of Valium effect on me.

I have gone through so many meds the past 7 years I'll go on them for like 6 months nothing works then they give me another one, they are starting to just prescribe ones I've already tried now. It seems pretty helpless the only thing that does stop anxiety in me is benzos but that is not sustainable at all, as tolerance rises and it's a terrible drug to be on. I have probably tried every SSRI and SNRI in the book some with a bit of success but nothing to actually change anything.

I had found that it can be a good bit cheaper to buy CBD crystal and dissolve into your favorite juice rather than buying branded, premade cbd e-liquid

CBD had no effect on me at all. Literally nothing. Like snake oil. But finding the right anti-anxiety/depression medication made a world of difference and got me back to 100%.

Hi I have generalized anxiety disorder and it controls my life, my therapist suggested CBD and I am interested however I'm not sure if the effects people get from it are just placebo. What have your guys experience been with it?