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david attenborough cbd oil

The seller called the product ‘David Attenborough CBD Oil’ and claimed the environmentalist said he “wouldn’t be here” today without using it.

"He wishes to extend his sympathies to anyone that has been adversely affected by these companies and their actions.”


“The companies do not have permission to use Sir David’s name or image.

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The beloved Our Planet presenter, 94, was alerted to a fake ad using his name and image by a fan, who had bought CBD oil from its Facebook page and been overcharged.

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The TV presenter, 94, joined Instagram in September, using his debut post to upload a video warning followers that ‘saving our planet is now a communications challenge’.

He added: ‘I am making this move and exploring this new way of communication to me because, as we all know, the world is in trouble.’

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Late last month, Sir David was targeted by Extinction Rebellion protesters angered that he had criticised some the environmental group’s tactics.

‘This is being reported to Facebook and Sir David would encourage anyone who spots these fraudulent adverts also to report them to Facebook.’

‘The companies do not have permission to use Sir David’s name or image – Sir David only allows the use of his name and image for marketing in connection with his own programmes and books.’

The spokesman continued: ‘He only discovered the existence of such adverts, including the Facebook page, when he was alerted to them by a supporter who wrote to him after she had been misled by the adverts and had been overcharged by the suppliers.