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eating hemp dog treats

If sustainability is important to you, look for organic hemp products that are grown using eco-friendly methods and high-quality ingredients. Avoid hemp dog treats that contain artificial preservatives and stick to non-GMO products to avoid side effects caused by poor-quality ingredients.

Hemp seed oil may help to support discomfort caused by common joint problems and injuries. Studies show that compounds including omega fatty acids may help to decrease discomfort by supporting a normal inflammatory response. The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil may support swelling and pressure that can cause discomfort and limit mobility. Try our Hemp Mobility Chews in duck flavor, which dogs love.

It seems like CBD and hemp are everywhere these days, from sustainable clothing and holistic medications to pet products like dog treats and dog food. As pet owners, we know how important ingredients are when it comes to our pup’s health and nutrition. There’s no surprise that there are a lot of questions surrounding CBD and hemp dog treats — and whether we should give them to our pooches.

Anti-Anxiety Aid

One of the main benefits of hemp oil and CBD for dogs is that it can help calm and soothe anxiety in dogs , which is more common than you might think. Dogs can experience separation anxiety when they’re away from their humans or social anxiety in situations that are new or foreign to them. They may become nervous when they go on car rides or when they’re around people who wear hats. Dogs can also develop anxiety to loud noises such as thunderstorms, the roaring of a city bus, or trains.

Always look at the ingredients of hemp dog treats, especially if your dog suffers from food allergies. Some CBD and hemp treats may contain bacon, wheat, oat flour, beef, dairy, and pork, all of which may trigger allergies. For dogs with a sensitive stomach , look for options that have venison, fish, flaxseed, or sweet potato as these are usually well-tolerated by most dogs.

Like humans, dogs can get seasonal allergies that cause skin irritation, sneezing , wheezing , and itching . Hemp seed oil may help to soothe a dog’s itchy skin thanks to its hydrating properties. Studies show that lipids and fatty acids in hemp seed oil may help to reduce skin irritation , which can be particularly beneficial for dogs with seasonal skin allergies .

If your dog has anxiety, check out our Calming Hemp Chews . These tasty treats are made in the USA at an American GMP-certified facility, so you can rest easy knowing your pup is getting the best quality. Packed with natural ingredients including chamomile, valerian root, hemp seed oil, and ginger root, these calming soft chews can help to soothe your dog during stressful situations.

If your dog doesn’t like the CBD oil in his food then you can try making your own treats. Just soak your dog’s favorite organic treat in one dose of CBD oil for a few minutes. Once the oil absorbs into the treat, toss your dog his snack. It’s that easy.

Those are just some of the problematic ingredients on this label. And there are other ingredients, not in this product, that you need to watch out for …

The reality is your dog doesn’t need carbs to survive … they offer no nutritional value. The only reasons they’re used in pet foods is to cut costs and save the manufacturers money and to bind ingredients together.

What To Give Your Dog Instead Of CBD Treats

Research shows that CBD can help relax your dog, as well as ease pain and support the immune system. It’s also proven to help manage and prevent …

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a popular flavor for many dog treat manufacturers. And it makes sense … dogs can’t get enough of it. But just because your dog likes eating it, doesn’t mean he should.

Artificial Additives
Many CBD dog treats contain artificial preservatives that are entirely unnecessary … and in some cases harmful. Worst of all, these additives benefit the product’s shelf life and not your dog!

If you want your dog to benefit from the power of CBD, skip the treats and look for CBD oil. But make sure the CBD oil you buy comes from hemp and not cannabis (marijuana). Hemp contains almost no THC, which is the substance that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. With a hemp-based CBD oil, your dog can enjoy the benefits without the uncomfortable high.

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The interest is certainly there. Some analysts estimate the sale of CBD dog treats doubled from 2014 to 2016. Petaluma-based Treatibles, founded in 2013, has had such success with its line of hemp chews for dogs and cats in flavors like blueberry and pumpkin, it will soon be expanding into products for horses.

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