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Exotic Genetix is ​​a seed bank based in Washington that creates varieties such as Strawberries & Cream or Gealto Mint. Buy Cannabis Seeds by Exotic Seed ★ FREE SEEDS WITH EVERY ORDER! ★ Cannabis Seeds Shipped Discreetly, Secure and Guaranteed! Single Seeds Available! Seed Bank premium feminized cannabis seeds for sale. Authentic marijuana strains featuring elite Seed Bank genetics, authentic strains with high Germination

Exotic Genetix

Exotic Genetix seeds are considered a guarantee of quality when choosing good genetics.
Creators of varieties such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberries & Cream, Rainbow Reserve or Gelato Mint.
A safe bet to enjoy new flavors.

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91 Octane by Exotic Genetix feminized seeds

Apes In Space feminized cannabis seeds

Bakers Dozen regular cannabis seeds

Big League Sherb Regular Cannabis Seeds

Blood Honey feminized cannabis seeds

Bread & Butter feminized cannabis seeds

Buckin Runtz feminized cannabis seeds

Carmelita feminized cannabis seeds

Cherry Cosmo feminized cannabis seeds

Chocolate Orange Cream regular cannabis seeds

Code Red by Exotic Genetix Feminized seeds

Cream & Sugar regular cannabis seeds

Dirty Bird by Exotic Genetix feminized seeds

Dirty Little Secret regular cannabis seeds

Dream Factory feminized cannabis seeds

Dreamsicle feminized cannabis seeds

Drip Station by Exotic Genetix Feminized seeds

Falcon Berry feminized cannabis seeds

Fritter Glitter feminized cannabis seeds

Funky Charms feminized cannabis seeds

Gas Basket feminized cannabis seeds

Gelato Mint regular cannabis seeds

Goldust by Exotic Genetix Feminized Seeds

Goudaberry regular cannabis seeds

Grand Master Sexy by Exotic Genetix feminized seeds

Grease Monkey F2 regular cannabis seeds

Grease Monkey feminized cannabis seeds

Greasy Grapes from Exotic Genetix Regular seeds

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Exotic Seed

Exotic Seed is a well-known family-owned brand that operates out of Europe. This cannabis seed bank brings a unique seed perspective to the table, as they utilize a combination of seed heritages. They pride themselves on being the only brand that uses Dutch, Spanish, and American seeds to give you the best all-around seed. These seeds have been crafted to perfection over 20 years.

Over 40 Cannabis Strains From Seed Bank

They boast over 40 varieties of seeds that have been through countless tests and procedures to ensure quality. You can rely on Exotic Seeds to give you the best combination of three types of strains. By using the combination of the Dutch, American, and Spanish seeds, they bring you a blend unlike any other on the market today. Exotic Seed has an extensive history of award-winning strains, including a total of 27 awards spanning from 2016 to 2018. The Exotic Seed website is set up in a beautiful and alluring way, with an easily navigated menu. On their website you can look at their backstory, their store for seeds and merchandise, and more. They even have a blog and contact information if you’re ever curious or dissatisfied with your purchase. Another big plus of Exotic Seed is their Instagram.

Great Reputation and Following

They have over 22,000 followers and post often. They post beautiful pictures of the seeds in plant form. On their Instagram you will also find posts about their sales. You can find everything you need there. They have stories sorted out into different types of seeds. All their posts include hashtags so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Their posts of plants include detailed descriptions and information. If you’re interested in amazings seeds at amazing prices, check out Exotic Seed on Seed City.

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Feminised Exotic Seed cannabis varieties, Regular Exotic Seed varieties, 12/12 Exotic Seed varieties, Autoflowering Exotic Seed marijuana varieties AND Super Strength Exotic Seed varieties are all available here at Seed City – lowest prices online guaranteed!

New Cannabis Strains

Change is good. Especially when change includes a whole fresh batch of exciting new strains, with more yield and even higher potency.

Many of these strains are the result of selective breeding projects to isolate and enhance the best qualities of some of the more established and popular strains.

These new strains include everything from deliciously aromatic purple strains that will sink you into the couch, to the heady sativa dominant plants that boost your energy and give you a smooth social high.

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