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faithful to nature cbd oil

Her advice is to assess products and determine for yourself if they are legal to buy.

“We want to be sure we do this right,” the retailer’s CEO Katrien Grobler told Business Insider, confirming it had removed between 25 and 50 products from sale immediately – due to rules that had been intended to make CBD more easily available.

Other products are marketed as treatments for specific conditions, which is also not allowed in terms of the new rules.

Breaching the limits: when CBD isn’t legal after all.

It is not clear if buyers would ever face prosecution, but that doesn’t change the legal advice in such a case.

Doing so appears to make those retailers guilty of selling Schedule 4 drugs without a prescription, a criminal act.

Generally speaking a consumer who buys a Schedule 4 drug improperly is still breaking the law, even if ignorant of that law, warned Werksmans’ Michael, and as a defence “ignorance of the law only takes you so far”.

But a survey of online retailers by Business Insider South Africa showed that local online retailers (including until Tuesday morning one big and established name) are wildly flouting those rules and selling preparations far stronger than is legally allowed.

Faithful to Nature stocks a number of hemp and cannabis-based products such as food supplements, oils (topical, edible and nutritional), as well as healing gels, face washes, CBD oils, and hemp clothing.

They are pioneering in ethical retail across the planet by checking every single ingredient of every single product for toxicity or any red flags before stocking them.

Faithful to Nature is taking every chance to ensure quality natural products for you and your home.

Faithful to Nature, founded in 2006, strives to bring an ever-expanding range of alternative and natural products which are safe for you, your family and the plant.

They are one of the number one online retailers in South Africa specializing in cannabis products and are incredibly well trusted in their field.