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garden gold cbd oil

Will they produce an effect on your quality of life? It depends on whether it is used at the right dose for the right non-medical discomforts. Some people will find no effect, others a placebo or nocebo effect and still others will get miraculous benefits.

Disclaimer: We are not dispensing medical advice. The product featured here is intended for use as a supplement. Our review does not provide medical advice about products that are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Green Garden Gold MCT Coconut oil

Coconut oil also contains monounsaturated, including oleic acid which has anti-cancer effects. There are also polyunsaturated fats like linoleic oil, important for skin and brain function.

Based on this reappraisal, we give Green Garden Gold CBD products an A rating.

Other cannabinoids in hemp oil also have some therapeutic effect, reducing inflammation and boosting the effects of the other ingredients. This is called the ‘entourage’ effect.

The flavor of your choice: Banana Cream Pie, Berry, Blueberry, Cinnamint, Green Apple, Regular, and Strawberry.

Following suggested serving size there are about 60 servings per bottle. If taken twice daily as recommended this product will last you 30 days. Keep in mind this serving size delivers very little CBD. Anyone addressing anything serious would need to take much more CBD per serving and should consider buying a CBD drops concentrate.

All Green Garden Gold Products Are

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin oil, hemp oil, flavoring.